CIMAsphere is a new service from CIMA, piloted exclusively to members, students and some CIMA staff from April 2009, and publicly launched in July 2009.

CIMAsphere’s vision is “To enable and empower people to exchange ideas and knowledge that will support, develop and advance management accounting, and the people and organisations that benefit from it.”

CIMA has some very special characteristics, which lend themselves to an online community. Members are drawn together by a common purpose – furthering the profession of management accounting; and a common interest – to exchange knowledge and connect with their peers.

In a sense, online communities are no different to their face-to-face counterparts. Whatever the motivation, the underlying driver is the opportunity to benefit from the experience of others. This is the best reason to be part of CIMAsphere, where the ethos is to share information and experiences.

We're especially keen to get your feedback on what you think about the community and to hear your ideas for how it might be improved.

Please take full advantage of the Using CIMAsphere discussion board to ask questions about the online community and share your views with the other community members.

You can also contact us or fill in the feedback form. We look forward to getting your input!