How liable am I for mis-information to Companies House?

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I have recently taken directorship of the management company for our building.

After our Solicitors compled the ownership transfer I discovered that the last accounts to be filed with Companies House were for 07/08.  We are therefore liable to complete and submit accounts from 6th April 08 onwards.

As the company has only recently become my responsibility I have no information to build these accounts.

I have requested information and been told the company was dormant so we should simply be able to roll forward the last set of accounts submitted.

My concern is if the information I have been provided is correct.  If I have documentation from the previous owners stating the company has been dormant and submit on this basis can I be held responsible if the information is incorrect?

Obviously I don't want to submit incorrect information but I have been told the accounts must be submitted no matter what the surrounding circumstances.  I have no way to check the information being provided to me by the old owners other than to go on "trust".

Any advice about my legal/professional position would be greatly appreciated.




I recently went on a companies house (free) course labelling all the returns required and the directors/secretaries duties and penalties for non compliance. It was a couple of hours and was points on my CPD and the companies house staff were very approachable and helpful. Can I suggest you go on a course locally? Their number is 0303 1234 500 email address