MBA Finance vs CIMA (what's difference), are there any advantages in CIMA over MBA Finance?

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MBA Finance vs CIMA - what's the difference? Are there any advantages in CIMA  over MBA Finance? I am MBA Finance and want to join CIMA qualification. Is there any exemptions available for MBA Finance?


MBA Finance vs CIMA

Hi, I am an MBA in Finance and is on my way to nearly finish CIMA. i got full certificate level exemtions , and then then on never failed in any subsequent exam papers. Yes There is differences, While MBA finance is most suiting to Financial Institutions, like bank, equity , fund managers, leasing , investment banking, cima concentrates on business, process, operation, strtgy, process optimization blending financial numbers. these two r not synonymous ; but complements each other very well.

MBA Finance Vs Cima

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MBA in Finance

I am about to enroll for the MBA in Finance, is there any stage where you have to write a 3 hour exam like CIMA does? Are there risks of not completely timely like the way people take even 10 years to complete CIMA?

CIMA is better

Dear Shafiq, CIMA has a much more rigourous & comprehensive syllabus. The exams are tougher. This restricts the supply of the qualified CIMA persons. The fees are low compared to MBA course fee. The job prospects are better. With the proliferation of MBA giving institutions there's too much supply of MBA's out there. Until you are getting admitted to an ivy league university. I would definitely suggest CIMA over MBA (finance). Regards Piyush

Basic difference

The big difference between CIMA and any MBA is that with CIMA you are entitled to call yourself a qualified accountant when you're done. In my experience that counts for a lot more than an MBA.

CIMA -More Focused

I think CIMA has a advantage over MBA in the sense of CIMA has more focused on the real and practical situations while the MBA touches the max . area but not giving you the expertise knowledge.secondly u can get easily admission in CIMA in less cost but not guarntee for passing it, while MBA has more expensive and there is almost gurantee that you will pass it .


While those who have done cima are likely to have acquired the same knowlege, with the MBA it is not always the case because they are offered by many different institutions.That is why it is very impotant that before you enroll for an MBA, find out more about the institution offering it.CIMA has built a powerful reputation over the years but some MBAs have not due to the poor caliber of the institution.


I've yet to see any accountancy jobs specifically ask for an MBA in finance but many for CIMA , ACCA or ACA. If you want to be an accountant in industry go for CIMA. If you want to go for a career which requires a degree then go for an MBA. Depends where you see yourself ending up.