November 2012 #CIMAexams Results

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Exam results come out on Tuesday and we're expecting a lot of excited and nervous students to be looking for information, so here is the November #CIMAexams FAQ blog post!

If you have a question which isn’t answered, post it as a comment here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can or get in touch with our contact centre which is open 8.00am to 8.00pm GMT: +44 (0)2088492251. 

Q: 'I haven't received my results email.'

We have a huge amount of students expecting results and the emails can take some time to send. If you haven't received your results by 16.00 GMT on Tuesday also follow these steps

1. Check your Junk folder (we know it’s obvious but it’s still important to do)

2. Check your MyCIMA account, under My Details then My Communication Preferences, and make sure you have selected 'yes' by Please send my exam results by email as well as by post. If you haven't, you will not have been emailed your results.

3. If you still haven’t received them, be patient as it can take some time for them to send. Your results should appear in your MyCIMA account by Thursday 17 January 12.00pm GMT. Your results will also be sent to you by post.

Q: 'I thought I did better! Can I get my paper looked at again?'

You can take a look through the November exam questions and answers and you will also get a question breakdown summary on your results letter. This will show you the number of marks awarded by the exam marker for each question attempted.

We also offer a paid for administrative review service (a service to recall and re-check your script) and script review service.

Q: 'I didn’t pass my exam, how do I resit?'

That's the spirit: don't give up! Exam entry opens for May on February 1 2013 (don't worry, we'll send you a reminder!), or if you are studying at or near to one of our exam venues you can sit the March "Extra” exams (view “Extra” exams by centre and by paper). Please note that availability is limited and you may be required to register for a tuition course.

Q: 'I passed! Which exam do I sit next?' 

Well done! Our study support and learning specialist Rebecca McCaffry has written a great article on which exam to sit next, be sure to have a read of it.

Don't forget to shout about your success: share it with your friends on Facebook, Tweet it and share it on LinkedIn.

Q: 'I’ve passed T4 part B! What now?'

A big well done, you're one step closer to being ACMA! Now is a great time to look at gaining your practical experience.

Q: 'I’ve passed T4 part B and already had my PER approved, what happens now?'

Congratulations! If your part A was approved within the last 12 months we'll contact you in a week or so, once the membership elections have taken place. If it was more than 12 months ago, fill in the front page of the Membership Application form and send it in. It won’t take long either way!

We hope you found these useful. Again, if you had a question which we have not answered above then feel free to ask it below or get in touch with our contact centre which is open 8.00am to 8.00pm GMT: +44 (0)2088492251.

And of course - we hope all the hard studying has paid off! 


CIMA Community Manager


I have typed a wrong email.. When will I be able to know my results??

Where do I see my result in mycima_CMGA

I am struggling to see my results in mycima page. please advice.. thanks



If I had to take my resit in the UK as in SA we do not have a resit in March, will the immigration allow me to enter the country for the purpose of the exam.

Local level

Do CIMA award prizes @ local level too?for example like Srilankan 8?



I've failed and got 48 marks in CMGA.Can I sit for Strategic level exams with CMGA resit.

Break-up of Marks

When we will be able to check the break-up of the marks question wise? Whether we will get it via email or on MY Cima login. I have cleared Masters Gateway.





If I had to take my resit in the UK as in SA we do not have a resit in March, will the immigration allow me to enter the country for the purpose of the exam. ]

We do have a resit facility available in March if you are in JHB. 2 centres. Contact Caroline Mark at headoffice. She will email you booking form.




Is it possible for me to sit for P1 and P2 in May'13 or i have to pass P1 before sitting for P2? 



Is it possible for me to sit for P1 and P2 in May'13 or i have to pass P1 before sitting for P2? 

Exam results

When is the Nov 12 pass rate being published by CIMA?



I did e-mail Caroline and this is the copy of the e-mail that I got from Caroline.

I am now confused of what is the procedure..... I am in Johannesburg

Dear Nkululeko

Thank you for your email.  I’m afraid that the operational and managerial resits for the Feb/Mar exam diet are only offered in the UK.  Your next opportunity to sit will be in May.



Caroline Mark

Project Officer

Chartered Institute of

Management Accountants

198 Oxford Road, Illovo Johannesburg

P O Box 745, Northlands, 2116

T: 0861 CIMASA / +27 (0)11 788 8723

F: +27 (0)11 788 8724



It's time to renew your relationship with the most respected, influential and relevant management accounting community globally.



top scorers

from where i can kno the names of strategic level top scorers


Hi Jack,

I have attended the exam in Shanghai, but the result is absent, it is not acceptable to me, can you check it?


A few days I ago, i have post the blog but not received any feedback yet.

I also sent mail to CIMA nobody cared about it.

Very disappointed!! 

E2 resit



I was absent from E2. Now I want to resit it in February-March. Is there any possibility to resit this exam outside of UK. I am based in Baku, but can travel to Dubai or any other close location for resit.

F1 result unsatisfied

Dear Jack

I fail in F1 at 40% which i haven't expected so iam in condition of stress and depression.

I have converns about the mistake might be happened in skipping of marking of my questions or scanning of my answer booklet, because i looked back at the question paper of F1 of nov 2012 ,giving minimum marks to every question, i still hoped to get 55 marks.

I have also place question number to every question attempted with full workings and description,also i would say that this was the best paper attempt of mine as compared to E1 and P1 where i left 2 questions but passed those papers.

Now iam confused whether to request for admin review or not, because i came to read the rules that there wouldn't be re-calculation or total marks and re-checking whether all questions/sub questions are marked.

please , advice me as i lost trust over CIMA for there paper checking patterns and quality checks.


Zafar kalwar

Contact ID: 1-5WY3OF

F1-financial operations Nov 2012 attempt 

E1 Epic

Dear Jack

I am under utmost depression, as i failed E1 for the 4th time. I crossed check the answer booklet and n section A itself I am getting 18/20. I just can image how this possible.

I have concerns over this and I dont know where I stand, as this is demorolising muself. I dont like to give up. Previous attempt fine I thought there was something misssing. but now its enough. I really want to take this further and want some guidance from CIMA management. 

I have invested alot of time. and really want some results into it. I am NOT writing this email to ask you to just PASS me.. I am writing to CIMA. if the student is repitativly failing, please help us to understand and guide us a way forward. Dont just come and ask us "pay your annual suscription"

I respect this qualification and would like to someone to look under my profile and tell me what's wrong. If you suggest for the administrative review please let me know. 

Also the Document attached your initial email is OUTDATED. the deadline says 12th August 2012. Please let us know whats the deadline for this. 


Mayank Bhargava

Contact ID: 1-4LLBP4


reply to mayank

Very true Mayank.... They only focus to send us email remainding to pay annual subscription.

I think the marker has some problem in marking the questions if someone doesn't follow to attempt the paper in section C first and section A last.

I have also the same problem that you have and gradually loosing my trust over CIMA examiners.. iam just waiting for the reply.

Hope we will get the satisfied answer. 

Admin review

***Also the Document attached your initial email is OUTDATED. the deadline says 12th August 2012. Please let us know whats the deadline for this.***

 Mayank, please follow the below link

it says that

"Reviews must be requested no later than Tuesday 12 February 2013"

  However, as far as i understand, CIMA will not give you any feedback apart from re-checking the total number of marks you were awarded and the breakdown of marks per question. So, unless you really believe that they have miscalculated your total score, there is no point in applying for admin review as you have already received (or will receive) the letter with marks breakdown per question.


2 questions

Hi there,


I have two questions:


1. Do I still have time for March re-sit. It seems I can not find a menu to register. I'm based in London. 

2. It seems in P3 exam whole question was not marked, however I remember writing it. Is it possible that points for this question were just withdrawn?

Extra Exams Managerial Level South Africa

I last year registered for exams E2, F2 and P2, but due to illness was not able to write E2 and was planning to write the extra exam for it in March '13. 
  I have passed both F2 and P2 and plan to sit Strategic Level in May. 
I have now come to realise that not only is there apparently not a single exam center in Cape Town, but no exam center in South Africa where you can sit for the E2 or any other Managerial Level extra exam. 
  I was completely unaware of this when contacting CIMA about the procedures for sitting the extra exams last year and obviously didn't expect that if I am able to write the first sitting in my country it will not be possible for me to write the extra sitting there as well. 
  How can this be the case? I do not understand the logic behind it. 
What are Cape Town students and furthermore South African students  to do who are eligible to write the extra sittings for Operational and Managerial subjects? 
  This does not seem fair to these students compared to students of the rest of the world. 
  I do not understand this and since today is the last day to register your help and quick response in this regard will be much appreciated.     I am still awaiting a response from CIMA Global.     Kind Regards Mynhardt Jooste 

Reply to: 2 questions ; Nijat Babayev

PC and ‘extra’ exams (March and September)

Operational, management and strategic students must have previously sat or been absent from the paper at any previous sitting. T4 part B students may sit for the first time. Please note that these exams are only available at certain centres.

Exam entry for March 2013 is available until 17:00 GMT on 22 January 2013.

To enter:

  1. Contact an exam centre, which will provide you with an entry form and process your entry. Please note that availability is limited and you may be required to register for a tuition course.
  2. The entry fee must be paid directly to CIMA. Log into MY CIMA and access 'My financials' and 'Settle my account'.
  3. Confirmation should be received by email within 48 hours. If you do not, contact your exam centre.
  4. Admission advice is available via your MY CIMA account approximately two weeks before the exam. You must print and bring this to your exam.

T4 part B is available on PC only. Please check exam centres for more details. 

T4 Part B


For a candidate taking the computer exam for T4 Part B, how many words is the minimum required for answering the case study?


march/ Sept Extra exams

Hi, please visit  the CIMA website regulary.

march/sept Extra Exams

I meant the cima entry fee deadline for feb/mach is 8th Feb 2013.

Doing well

Most of my cohorts did very well for their respective exams.

Kim Ceo Joon