Nov 2012 Exam results

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Hello Guys we are not far from seeing the Nov 2012 exam results, I remember when I was expecting my results I was checking my inbox every ten minutes after 12am.. sigh* I did not had the luxury of push email services, But all the restlessness and awaiting was worth it.

So how many of you will be restlessly checking their inbox tonight ? I wish you all good luck for your results and I hope that email holds a pleasant surprise for you..

Well to some extent we all can make a guess about our results and if your results are otherwise your expectations, do not loose your aim and keep your focus right. A mark below 50 does not mean you cannot be a qualified Management Accountant but rather is a feedback on your exam.

Do not wait for a resit until May 2013 If you didn't get through this time you could consider an ‘Extra’ sitting in late February/early March. Keep hoping for a brighter successful tomorrow.

PS: Do share your excitement with us!

Best Wishes,

What time do they come through??

Having returned to my CIMA studies after a number of years away, this will be my first set of results that can be emailed, rather than having to wait for the post to it is a new experience for me! What time do the emails come through - can anyone advise? (I am awaiting my Strategic Level results)

Good luck everyone! 


Thanks for the blog Aneeb. Not much looking forward to the wait tonight... We shall see.

@Carolyn - First time waiting for Strategic results for me. Previously e-mail has arrived between 3 and 5am, but it depends on a number of factors I guess. All CIMA say is results are e-mailed out on the morning of the 15th. Best thing to do is try get some sleep and check when you wake.... I know I won't be doing much sleeping, though.

Time suddenly slowing down...

Time since the exams seems to have flown by; can't believe we're already part way through Jan 2013. Now, all of a sudden though, as we await our results - time seems to have slowed to a snail's pace, lol...

Have lined up my next-step-options, depending on what the results are tomorrow (resits or T4 etc) I think I'm off to find something fun & fricolous to do to distract myself from the long wait!

@Liam...thanks - I'll try to sleep until at least 3am then, ha ha ha. Good luck! 


Hi Carolyn

I would say, in South African time we nornally get our results just around four am.


time indeed flies, but this one is gonna be a long wait......hopefully l'll be rejoicing after such a long season of disappointments. time to move on to T4:)


Just got the result, passed all 3 strategic level.


hey guys

anyone know when will the results be sent in the uk?


congra Sharma

This is good news.

Still waiting for the moment

Nearly 3AM!

Has anyone in the UK got their results yet?

Thank you,



no not yet...still waiting...shld be here any min luck

Got them

Happy with mine. Good luck to you all.

Damian - UK


I am glad to clear P3. T4 here I come!


what time did you get your results... I am still waiting for mine and I am in South Africa. what about you...


Congratulations all,
Those who cleared strategic level, you are just a step away from bieng a CIMA member the world is opening up itself to you. Best of luck to everyone else who are still waiting.


error message


Dear Aneeb,

 may I know why I get the following message while I try to view My exam results and history - professional qualification  in mycima.

Personalization rules for user '1-FM99' exclude accessibility of view 'CIMA R6 Training Test Run Contact Exam History Prof Qual View'.(SBL-DAT-00328)

 could it be due to non payment of subscription fee for 2013. (Nontheless I paid it yesterday).

Could anyone help us if faced similar situation.

I am waiting to see T4 results eargely.







Cleared Gateway... Need Advise

Dear All Strategic Level Cadidates,

I have just got my master's gateway result and with Almighty's help I have cleared.

I have a full time job 6 days a week. I want to know that if I start studying from next week, Would I be able to cover all three strategic papers courses for May 2013 exam? What would be your advise to an average level student keeping in mind 9am to 8pm is just for office.

Thanks and Good Luck All.




I received the result at 5:10 am. Have you got yours now? I am in Malawi.



Hello Friends,


I had appeared for Nov 2012 CMGA exams, but, i havent got my results yet?

Where to check?


Pkease do reply...Im very anxious... 


passed t4

I am glad to share that I have passed CIMA T4 in first attempt...




T4 here l come

Thank God l've made time to hit T4. Best of luck to all of you still waiting. To those who havent made it, try again. l have been trying for such a long time.never give more try and you could be getting to that victory

Nov 2012 T4 results

Hi guys

 I am in Saudia. So far no email but one of my friends rang me and asked to check on mycima. I got my result for T4 Got 28 :) ...Passed 1st attempt. 

 I feel really proud today and would like to thank, who really played their part of guidance and moral boosting. They have done a fantastic job and I would strongly recommend them for T4 as well strategic level exam preparation.

 Thank you TOPCIMAPASS! Love you guys!


Strategic level cleared at 1st attempt

Results came thro via email at 3:16 this morning - & I was waiting for them!! lol

E3 = 66%

F3 = 64%

P3 = 61%

Absolutely delighted! :-)

Now - for T4...& maybe some sleep :-)

error message

@Mohammadh Farza says on the CIMA website that exam history will be unavailable until 2pm today (presumably UK time?)....I guess this is to allow them to update everyone's accounts with the results. This is the reason for your error message.


failed E3 for 3rd time....

received results by email this morning....

failed E3 with 43% for a 3rd time and I was expecting to pass with 55% and thought I had nailed this time...

not happy at all.. something wrong somewhere and I need to find it by the next resit in March I guess

Strategic level cleared

Was thrilled to see the results today morning. Passed Strategic level E3 - 67





E1 paper pass

Hey Guys!!

The above list of results are all from my seniors i think! All at strategic level~

Many Congratulations to all and better luck for the rest.Im sure they will do well next time

I passed my E1 paper with 56.Thank God!

Planning to appear for P1 and F1 in May 2013.Can anyone suggest me if its advisable for me to appear for E2 in May 2013 along with the above 2 papers?

Thanks in advance

E1 passed

Hi there,


I've got my first CIMA results. E1 is passed at 63. I'm delighted as I haven't even started last question in part C.


I'm going to sit E1 and F1 in May. Any suggestions on E2? Is it much more difficult than E1?

Well done everyone! 




I am very dissapointed.Failed all three on managerial level.I thought I did well but obviously I missed something.I will soldier on and attempt again in June.Please share tips for those that passed.


Results released on MyCima

The website has now been updated - & we can see our results under our Exam History :-) ........was certianly great to get the email in the early hours of this morning, saved a prolong wait today - but very comforting too to see it all updated officially on the CIMA website :-)

I have just printed off my page showing all passes to date - to pin on my me get through the final hurdle of T4!!!!


e1 50 f1 72