Krusty the Clown and Management Accountants in stripy pyjamas...bananas

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Another week away in Leeds on education with the NHS this week, sandwiched between a visit to Pathology and NHS Direct.

This time we were learning what a General Management Trainee does in the NHS, and it seems to be that they manage general things...


I think technically they'd call it operational management, but the focus of the education was mainly on the difference between management and leadership, meshed together with some work on Myers-Briggs personality type indicators.

What kind of leader am I you say? 

An ENTJ (Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging)...whatever that means!! Apparently this equates to a Simpsons character (Krusty in my case...if you know your 'type' and want to know your Simpsons equivalent drop a comment below)

Another highlight of the training was the last activity on the final day, where three theatre actors played out management scenarios and we had to chime in with how the manager should change his behaviour/actions.

Will the micro-manager in the room please stand up?

Amazingly lots of people jumped at the chance to tell someone else what to do and it was all a bit of a laugh...

I really like these training events though...Meeting up with the other trainees on the scheme is coolio, they are a great group of people (especially Sophie & Kris since they told me my blog was quality, LOLZ)

I was going to mention something here about the value of a support network...but then 12 of my “colleagues” ram-raided their way into my hotel room in the early hours of the morning. Apparently the Trojan Horse approach still works...

Management Accountants in stripy pyjamas? The less said the better!!

Last thing I wanted to talk about was NHS Direct, spent a day at a call centre in Longbenton, Newcastle (nice enjoyable 70minute drive to get there) and I didn't even realise the breadth of services they provide...

The Business Manager over those parts told me two quite interesting things. The first was that a call can be directed to anywhere in the country, in itself not very interesting, but this flexibility allows call waiting times to be greatly reduced. There are also implications for management of demand, in particular where people with specialist skills are based.

The second thing was how NHS Direct helps manage the care of patients with long-term health problems. The project is called Birmingham Own Health and it's worth finding out a bit more about.

As always, there's loads more I could talk about...but hopefully that gives you a bit of a flavour of my week and what it's like to be a CIMA student. Next week I'll be at BPP focusing on the Certificate Level, Economics I think...

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