Not exactly Apprentice material

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I used to sit and watch ‘The Apprentice’ thinking that I’d be the perfect candidate, the jewel in the crown of Sir Alan’s regalia. Probably something along the lines of what Howard Ebison was thinking when he applied...

Ok, maybe not...but I was definitely a stinging armchair critic.

But after this week I’m not so sure I’d meet one of Sir Alan Sugar’s key requirements: the ability to sell.

Let me set the scene, an email was sent around asking for volunteers to come and sell raffle tickets for Charlie Bear (remember them?)...I thought ‘I’ll have a piece of that’, so off I went to Newcastle Greyhound Stadium with a couple of the compadres with the goal to sell the most raffle tickets in the land...

We sold around £300’s worth on the night...not a bad feat, but my contribution was measly. Current estimates have my share coming up to a gigantic 2-3%. You don’t need to be an ACMA to know that is woeful!

Even more shameful, my bucket being confiscated by an eldery member of the public who proceeded to raise around £30 in a fraction of the time I’d spent vaguely honing my sales technique...or lack of it. 


The Greyhounds are fast...but not as swift as the rejections I got selling raffle tickets

Not sure whether that shows just how bad I was, the value of a personal network, or simply her supreme ability. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle!

Apart from all that I spent two days in Induction at the end of the week...the less said about that the better! Also spent time finding out about New Leaf, New Life; Age Concern; and Patient Line in the hospital.

New Leaf, New Life was based in the SHA in Newcastle and it seemed like a really cool place to work. Hopefully I’ll be able to go and see some of the projects in the community before the end of my Orientation.

Next week I’m back at BPP learning about something or other...gotta love those exemptions!