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So THE DAY has come....but like 21 Dec 2012, we are still around.

No matter it is the PASS you have been longing for or the "F" word you so hate to see, it is not the end of the world.  For those who have passed their exams, congratulations and well done.  You know that your pass is well deserved:  all the hard works, all those weekends you have purposely stayed in, all the sacrifies you have made along the way.  You really should be proud of yourself. 

For those who have missed the mark marginally, don't be discouraged.   Failing an exam doesn't mean you are a failure.  It only means that you have not sufficiently demonstrated your ability at a particular event.  I think the most important thing to do now is to learn your lesson.  Instead of keep trying using the same approach, and hoping that one day you may pass by luck, it is more effective to find out where the gap is.

First of all, look at your marks and ask if this is what you have been expecting.  Have you been able to finish the whole paper?  Have you spent at least 11 hours a week for exam preparation?  Is there any particular area of the syllabus that you have been missing?  Have you checked the examiner's answer and the Post Exam Guide (Nov 2012 due to release soon).  It is important to know what you are missing so that you can focus on these areas before next examination.

If you are still not sure why you have failed, and you have scored between 40-49 for strategic level exams or 20-24 in T4 part B, you may consider to apply for a script review.  There is a fee involved but it is a worthwhile excercise to find out what has gone wrong.  Although you won't be able to change your marks, you will receive feedbacks on how you've answered the questions.  I definately recommend this service for those who have failed the same paper twice and do not understand why it is happening.

For those who are ready for your next exam, it is a good idea to start early.  My boss from my previous company once told me that if one "FAILS TO PLAN, ONE PLANS TO FAIL".  So why not download the latest 2013 study planner and put it somewhere visible to help you to make a study plan?  If you are still considering whether to seat an exam in the March 2013 extra exam diet, you have until next Tueday (22 Jan 2013) to make your decision.  You need to contact your local exam centres for registration.  Finally if you are going to take T4 part B, make sure you have downloaded and read the newly released Preseen case here.

Well, that's a lot for a new year......but I hope it is a good year for all of you!