Pledging for integrity

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 The launch of the CGMA report, Managing responsible business – a global survey on business ethics took place in Malaysia back in May. There was great interest locally in the report’s findings and at the breakfast briefing I was joined by Mr Mohd Yany Bin Yusoff, Senior Assistant Director, Private Sector of  Malaysian Institute of Integrity (MII).  He spoke about the developments in Malaysia to promote integrity and fight corruption and encourage ethical business practice at both a legal and practical level.

One month on,  and joining the likes of AirAsia, Tesco Malaysia, Google Malaysia and Shell Malaysia, CIMA SE Asia has now signed a Corporate Integrity Pledge to signify its commitment towards creating a business environment that is fair, transparent and free from corruption. To date, more than 50 organisations in Malaysia have signed the pledge.   The Corporate Integrity Pledge is an initiative of the (MII) Integrity that is aligned with the objective of fighting corruption under the Government Transformation Programme of Malaysia.    CIMA is proud to be engaged with this initiative as ethics is high on CIMA’s agenda. Plans are underway to work closely with the Malaysian Institute of Integrity to fly the ethics flag even higher.

 Such initiatives and activities to promote corporate ethics and fight corruption are growing globally as ethics rises up the business agenda.  This was reflected by the findings of the CGMA survey, as we summarise in the report’s  accompanying video an average 80% or organisations surveyed worldwide had a company code of ethics.  Yet our findings also showed that in a number of markets there were specific challenges.  As many as one in three of our members and students could be under pressure to compromise ethical standards at some point.    So there is still so much organisations need to do to support ethical conduct in their operations and fill the rhetoric vs reality gap

Positively, beyond a 10-15% increase of companies introducing codes and related training there has been a definite growth of in organisations around the world who support and advocate ethical practice This is not surprising with a growing public distrust and protest against corporate and government misdemeanours around the world.  There is also a growing awareness that how ethics and governance are put into practice is an essential complement to codes, policies and legislation.  Without an ethical culture and ensuring things are done the “right way” codes are meaningless.  Social media and a strong spotlight on corporate behavior companies need to be sure they are in the news for the right reasons.Signing the pledge is one step – but living up to the pledge is another.  For CIMA we will intensify our messaging  and partnerships in relation to ethical business practice.  Through our range of resources and promotion of the Code, we will support where possible our members, students and the employers we work closely with to “walk the talk”, to strengthen their ethical muscle and act in the interest of long term success.  The more that walk together, the more good practice can be truly embedded.

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