Community guidelines

Community rules

CIMAsphere is the dedicated online meeting place for CIMA’s global community of members and students. It’s a space for us to have intelligent, informative and even provocative discussions on management accounting and related issues.

CIMA members and CIMA students can network, support each other, try out ideas and get honest opinions given freely. Non-members with an interest in professional accountants in business or practice are also welcome to join the community.

We encourage everyone to start discussions and post comments on issues relevant to professional accountants in business or in practice.

Our Community Rules are here to support us and remind us of the most appropriate ways to engage with each other. The aim is to protect anyone who reads or contributes to the community and to help everyone have an enjoyable and rewarding time.

Community basics

CIMAsphere is distinguished by three guiding principles, which define our rights and responsibilities:

· We are who we say we are, and we encourage everyone to use their professional name

· We own our own profile. This means that, through our profile manager, we can add or remove our personal details at any time and control who sees what

· We own our own words. This means that we are directly responsible and liable for everything we choose to publish in the discussions, including third-party copyrighted material.

By using CIMAsphere everyone is implicitly accepting these House Rules, and any on-going amendments. We keep these brief but please see the full Terms and Conditions for more detail.


The discussions on CIMAsphere belong to us the community. CIMA facilitates and provides a platform to enable discussions to flourish.


English is the global language of business. The vast majority of CIMA members and students have this language in common so please do not post items in other languages as it will effectively exclude non-speakers.

Tone of voice:

Take care with the tone of voice you convey in your posts. Try not to shout at other members or seek attention by posting only in capital letters. Take care with humour that might work face to face but seems mean when translated to words on a screen.


You must respect other peoples’ views, beliefs and experiences even though you may not share them. Questions and debate are welcome but should be expressed in language that does not offend, accuse or belittle others. Personal attacks will be removed.


People using CIMAsphere come from diverse backgrounds. As we want a community based on mutual tolerance, we reserve the right to remove posts which the community or its members finds offensive.


Please don’t post anything that could be interpreted as self-publicity, advertising, selling or soliciting. We may remove such material. Offers and requests for second-hand study material should be posted only in the Resources board.


Do not upload anything without obtaining the copyright owner’s permission, but do consider linking to online content to further a discussion. Content that breaches copyright laws will be removed.

We cannot facilitate the unauthorised sharing of copyrighted material. Posts that invite or encourage this activity may be removed by our moderators and posting rights suspended.

Privacy and commercial sensitivity:

For your own safety please take care not to disclose personal (eg. email address, phone number, date of birth) or sensitive information. For our part, we will make it clear what areas of CIMAsphere are open to the public; and what areas are visible only to invited members. You can contact other CIMAsphere users directly and share information privately that way using the website messaging facility (see our Help page for more information). 


Do not post the same content in multiple places across the site - cross-posting is not allowed and duplicate posts will be removed. Choose where you think is the most relevant place in CIMAsphere for your contribution and post it there once. 


When you are starting or contributing to a discussion anywhere on the community, please make sure your input is relevant to the particular discussion at hand - off-topic remarks will be removed. Likewise, please select the most appropriate area of the site to make your contribution. For example, make sure to choose the most relevant discussion board.

External linking:

CIMAsphere encourages linking to external resources online wherever it is relevant to the discussion or useful for community members.

Is CIMAsphere the right place for your question?

CIMA responds to enquiries from customers and members of the public via a number of channels, including email, web and phone.

However, if your enquiry is of an urgent nature or in regards to your personal details, in order to guarantee a response and protect your privacy, don't post it here but please direct your enquiry to CIMA's Contact Centre on +44 (0)20 8849 2251 or in the first instance.

Help us - reporting problematic content:

Please let us know if you feel that any content in the Sphere isn’t in the spirit of these guidelines by using the 'Report content' button at the top of each individual posting, and supplying a brief outline of your concern. If you’ve got any comments on or suggestions for these guidelines, please contact us on