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How can I join CIMAsphere?
I've forgotten my password.
How do I change my profile?
Can I contact other community members privately through the website?
How do I start or reply to a discussion?
How do I join or start a group?
How do I create a new blog post?
What is 'Ask the expert'?
What is 'Community answers'?
How do I find other community members?
How do I vote in a poll?

How can I join CIMAsphere?
If you already have a website account, go to and enter your Contact ID and password. If you don't have a website account click 'Create web account', enter your contact ID, create a password and submit. You will then be taken to a form on - fill in all the fields and Submit. Take note of your password for future reference. You can then enter the CIMAsphere community by clicking on the Discussions tab at the top of the page.

Members of the public can join by clicking Join in the 'Your CIMAsphere account' box. Fill in the fields in the form and click Join at the bottom. Some of the information in the form will make up part of your profile once your registration is complete. Once you click 'Join' you will receive a verification email. Please click on the link in the verification email to confirm your registration. You will then be logged into CIMAsphere automatically.

I've forgotten my password.
If you have forgotten your password please click on the 'Forgotten password' link on the login page. This will take you through to MY CIMA. You can retrieve a new password by inputting your contact ID and answering your security questions.

How do I change my profile?
The community directory – should you choose to be listed in it - includes your photo, first name, last name, and optionally your location. To change an element of your profile, click Update your profile in the Your CIMAsphere account box at the top of the right hand column on every page, this takes you to My Profile manager.

You can optionally state your gender, while in the 'Company details' section you may enter your location and have the option to make that visible in your public profile. NB: As your location is also displayed in the Community directory it's worth adding that to provide context and help other members connect with you.

In 'Personal details' add information about yourself in the 'About me' box; select professional 'Topics of interest' from the drop down menu, add any additional interests and state your connection with CIMA. You can chose to make that visible or not in your public profile.

NB: Your connection with CIMA is also shown in your Community directory listing so it's worth entering that information to help other members connect with you.

In the 'Other documents' section you have the option to upload your CV or other documents up to a total size of 10MB.

In 'Personal details' you have a profile picture area where you can upload an image which will display in your Profile page and your Community directory listing.

From 'Communication preferences' you are taken to MY CIMA where you can change which email communications you receive from CIMA/CIMAsphere.

From the 'Account settings' tab you are able to create a signature which is publicly displayed at the end of your comments. You can also choose from Contact settings whether to be contactable by email.

From 'My alerts' you are able to check which discussions you are watching, to be notified by email when a post is updated or changed. Select the Settings tab for options on email notifications, or to share your watched posts with other members, and click 'Save my settings' to confirm changes. 'My Alerts Help' gives details on how you can change and tailor your alerts.

Can I contact other community members privately through the website?
Yes, our private messaging service means CIMAsphere users can share information privately and send messages to each other directly. This service is important because we ask people not to publish private contact details online as it has risks - and the site will soon be open to the public to read and join.

Make sure you're set up to receive private messages - it's easy! In the 'Account settings' area of your Profile Manager (accessible via the 'Update My Profile' link in the Your CIMAsphere account box on every page), you can chose to be contactable this way by ticking the 'Personal contact form' box.

To send a message to someone else, go to the Profile page of the person you want to contact and in the 'Contact me' box on the right hand column, there is the option to 'Get in contact'. From there you can post a message which they will receive at their personal email account.

How do I start and reply to discussions? 
To start a new discussion, click 'Start a new discussion' within the Discussion boards section, and a new page will open.

Next, fill in the 'Subject' field, summarising your topic or point. Then choose the board you want to post in from the drop down list. You can also enter one or more keywords separated by commas. This means your content will come up when a user searches for a keyword attached to your content.

Write your contribution in the 'Body' area. Click 'Preview' to check your post (and edit if you wish); then click Preview again to review changes; finally click 'Submit' to publish it.

To reply to a post, scroll down to 'Add your reply' at the bottom of each post and enter a 'Subject' and your contribution in the 'Comment' area. Click 'Preview' to check your reply and edit if necessary; then click 'Submit' to publish it.

How do I join or start a group?
To search through groups, click 'Browse and join groups' on the right hand column of the Groups main page. This will take you to the Groups directory. You can join public groups simply by selecting ‘Join’ and confirming you wish to become a member.

You can also join a group by clicking ‘Join’ within the 'Options' box on the right hand of each Group page. Click ‘Join’ to confirm you wish to join. Click ‘Leave group’ in the same box and confirm if you wish to leave a group. For moderated groups, click ‘Request membership’ and add any details to the request to help the group administrator assess your request.

To start a group discussion click ‘Create Group discussion topic’, then choose a ‘Subject’, the ‘Discussion board’ in which to enter the discussion, optionally enter some ‘Keywords’ separated by commas, and finally enter the text of your discussion post in the ‘Body’ area. Click ‘Preview’ to check your post and make any changes; then click ‘Submit’ to publish.

To suggest a group event, group news or add a group document, click ‘Contact group admin’ in the 'Options' box on the right of the Group page.

To browse group members, scroll down to ‘Group members’ on each Group page, and click a member’s name to be taken to their profile.

How do I create a new blog post?
CIMApshere bloggers can post a new blog post by either of these methods:

  1. Log in and click ‘Create content’ in the the ‘Your CIMAsphere account’ profile box on the right of the CIMAsphere main page; you will be taken to a new page where you click ‘Blog entry’
  2. Or log in and go to the Blogs main page. Click the ‘Create new blog entry’ link in the right hand column.

Both of the above options take you to the ‘Submit blog entry’ page. Enter your headline in the ‘Title’ area; the type of blog (whether your own it or it's a group blog); and the ‘Category’ or categories (select Ctrl + highlight for multiple categories). Add the text of your blog post in the ‘Body’ area and format it using the editing toolbar. You can add links to other websites by highlighting text in your post and then selecting the link icon from the editing toolbar.

Enter a few ‘Keywords’ to ensure it’s easy to find your blog post from the site search and the main page search cloud.

Click ‘Preview’ to check your post and make any edits, and then either click 'Preview' again to review the changes, or click ‘Submit’ to publish.

If you want to comment on a blog you’re reading, scroll down to ‘Add your reply'. Give it a ‘Subject’ and enter your comment.

From the right hand column ‘Alerts’ box, you can choose to receive email alerts when any new comments are posted to the blog.

If you have an issue with any user comments on a particular blog post, click the ‘Report content’ link and complete the form including reasons for reporting the comment.

What is Ask the expert?
From time to time, experts will take questions from the community on a specific topic.

To ask a question, select ‘Ask a question’ in the box at the top of the Ask the expert page. Enter your name, email address and your question. After submitting your question a confirmation message will be displayed. The CIMAsphere administrator is automatically sent an email which details the question, before forwarding it to an expert for answering. We will notify you by email when we update the page with the expert's answers.

What is Community answers?
Here you can browse all the questions that were asked and answered by CIMAsphere community users between April 2009 and November 2010.

The service was discontinued on 22nd November 2010, as it is not sufficiently distinct from the discussion boards.

If you have any questions, please see the full selection of discussion boards and post your question in the most relevant one, or join a relevant group and ask it in there.

How do I find a community member?
Upon registering (or later, should you change your options on your profile page) users have the option of displaying their profile in the Community directory, for other users to browse and search.

The directory includes photo, first name, last name, and optionally location.

To search the directory, enter the name of the person you are looking for and click ‘Find a community member’.

How do I vote in a poll?
To take part in a poll select one of the multiple choice options in the homepage poll and select the ‘Vote’ button. You’ll be taken to the Polls page where you can see the number of votes for each option. From the CIMAsphere homepage, you can also access the Polls archive.