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Should CIMA PQ desire for Big4 training? 

What options do we have in there? we cant opt either

audit or tax?  

 And where are we supposed  to move then?


I started off in Big 4 but moved into industry. The Big 4 will only want ACA or ACCA but in my opinion CIMA is just not relevant. CIMA is geared to the commerial sector and not practice. The Big 4 offer fantastic training packages which can transfer to commercial but if you want to get into Big 4 I would enquire about transfering to ACCA with exemptions for the exams passed.


I agree with Roary, you won't get far with ACMA working for practice accountants. The fact that with ACA you can equally do both and are in fact very desirable in industry, sort of makes me wish I'd done ACA instead of CIMA and covered both bases.

Take ACA exams or stick to industry. 

Big 4

Hi all

Just wanted to point out that here in the UK, three of the big 4 are currently sponsoring graduate scheme students through CIMA exams.

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Really depends what you're looking to work in - areas such as advisory would certainly look at an ACMA especially in transaction and restructuring services and financial management consulting.

 An ACMA with good industry experience would be sought after for these teams.

 A lot of job descriptions for big4 list CIMA alongside ACCA, ACA, CIPFA and I have friends from Uni doing CIMA in KPMG on their graduate programmes.


Thanks for your feedback. 

Yeah the fact is ACA and ACCA are dominating ones in my region (probably everywhere else) and most of the jobs here require them to be Management Accountant. Since they hold much expertise back from BIG4. And still..

..Its like asking PILOTS to fly car as well. Its good to see that Auditors can toss both faces of coin but whats the scope of CIMA then?

Whereas CIMAs who tend to move into Industry are quite slow-to-grow, and have insight to the particular industry they're working in.