CIMA jobs in pakistan

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CIMA looks very demanding degree when we see the page of CIMA my jobs.

I am going to attempt Strategic level in this November. I am feeling insecure about my future here in Pakistan. There are certainly no jobs for CIMA qualified persons here in Pakistan.

Pakistan's largest petroleum company Pakistan State Oil's top management does not know about the degree CIMA. Other companies in Pakistan also don't know the worth of CIMA.

CIMA has established its office in Karachi about 1.5 years back and it has done nothing to resolve this issue.

And at the opening ceremony of CIMA Lahore office in Pakistan, when we raised this issue against Mr. Bradley Emerson, Regional Director, he asked us to give him the list of top 20 pakistani companies so that he can talk to them.

Now please tell me is this our responsibility to give them the list of top Pakistani companies, moreover why they have not talked to them before since there is an CIMA office in Karachi.

CIMA is very successful in attracting new students here in Pakistan and hence more revenue to CIMA body but no proper attention is paid to CIMA qualified.

I want to know what CIMA body has done for recognition of CIMA in Pakistan. Can CIMA body please provide me the details of some solid efforts made by CIMA Pakistan to resolve this issue?

I also raised this issue to CIMA directly by sending email to them but they did not even bother to do a reply for this issue.

But I hope that I'll get some satisfactory reply from cimasphere.

All CIMA members and students are requested to comment.

Any moderator???



Thank you for your post

CIMA is up against the local bodies and ACCA which is strong with 50,000 plus students and members.

When Mr. Bradley Emerson met the students at Lahore office launch, he did place before all of you, the ground reality.  The ground reality is when we have only 1,050 students at professional level in an employable population of ACCA 50,000 it is very difficult to catch the eye.

Pakistan for over ten years had no CIMA presence. CIMA was courageous  enough to invest in two offices despite the security risk.  The Regional Staff have visited Pakistan despite all the security odds to see to the concerns and to work towards the improvements. 

Since we opened the office in April 2009 we have had bi-monthly events in Karachi and we will be following the same trend in Lahore since we have ground staff in Lahore now to work for the concerns of CIMA students and members. We meet the press on regular basis, we have been on TV since then, creating awareness of our qualification.  We have now come up with the CIMA difference. We are meeting with employers and Bradley Emerson's visit from 13th October is dedicated to this issue in particular.

We are working on a reality TV program with one of the biggest media group in Pakistan and we are pushing the Global Business Challenge.

Please also note that Pakistan is going through recession, and unemployment has affected across all professional bodies. We cannot perform miracles, but we are making a genuine effort.  CIMA has invested in Pakistan because we firmly believe Pakistan needs CIMA skills.

Not all CIMA are unemployed in Pakistan and those who are, will need to be a bit patient and meanwhile work on improving individual marketability. CIMA cares but need all of your support as well if we are to be successful in days to come.

You may directly send emails to me at javaria.hassan(AT) or call at office to talk to me, if you dont receive reply for your emails.

CIMA jobs in Pakistan

Thanks for your reply. I agree that only serious efforts can be made and no miracle can happen. I also have confirmed from some other sources and I came to know that all of you are working for better job environment in Pakistan for CIMA members.

 there is obviously a huge difference in number of students of ACCA and CIMA thats why I didn't compared ACCA and CIMA in any way

but I hope that sincere efforts will bring CIMA one step ahead ACCA 

Thanks for your support

Well better luck for our future 

CIMA Scope in pakistan

I agree with Javeria that CIMA is new in Pakistan and with so little student strength they are still doing well.

But still the concerns of Ahmed realy worth immediate attention. I am also studying CIMA after my BS in Accounting and Finance, and really even my Finance Manager did not knew about CIMA. 


There is no doubt that CIMA is the best qualification to develop skills that business need. CIMA should also collaborate with organizations in Pakistan on one by one basis to make then reallize the value of CIMA. This will not only make tehm reallize the value of CIMA but CIMA can also find officila Training providers in Pakistan.


So far, i am satisfied with CIMA. If Pakistan will not accept this, the world is GLOBAL VILALGE now. 


lets watch year or two which direction it will take....

CIMA Pakistan case studies

Hello all,

You may be interested in these case studies of two CIMA members in Pakistan who have used the qualification to achieve great career success, proving its value.

Warmest regards,


Adrian Clifton
Improving CIMA's website group administrator and CIMA web editor

Nice One

Hi Everyone, 

I am new one here on blog, I just visit this blog and read almost every comments. I also participated in this competation.

Hi Folks,

My name is Danyal Asghar, I am doing BSc Finance and Accounting here in UK. I will be graduating this July. I want to do CIMA and than job in Pakistan. I am little confused about CIMA job market in Pakistan as I know ACCA is very popular in Pakistan but I more interested in CIMA. Please guide me what to do. I think if I study CIMA meanwhile I do gain some experience in 3-4 years and than come to Pakistan.

Re: Danyal Asghar


I have been to Pakistan few times due to some official reasons and I am bit aware about the CIMA job market there. In reality, CIMA still not a well known qualification in Pakistan unfortunately. Though we are sure that CIMA accountants are different and are capable of doing something extra behind the numbers - ACCA's huge advertisement campaign carried out for a longer time period there has paid dividends to ACCA members in Pakistan, than a few hunderds of CIMA students there. Another issue I witnessed in Pakistan is that, their local Chartered accountants (ICAP) seems to be a very tough qualification in exam side; this makes many part qualified ICA guys to shift to the ACCA qualifcation, rather that CIMA - which in turn make ACCA even bigger in Pakistan. So for the time being, I'd advise you:

1. Do not return to Pakistan as its economy as well as security seem to be very weak. 

2. If you still had commitments to return to Pakistan, you would better go for ACCA, than CIMA - however, I'm sure the work experience you may have gained here will be given 'extra weight' by Pakistan employers irrespective of whether ACCA or CIMA you follow!

Best of luck,

Scott J 

CIMA Pakistan Facebook Page!/Explore

,If you ask anything critically, or require further explanation of this page post, guess what they have a very easy solution for you, page admin will block you for writing further comment, there are 96K subscriber of this page , which shows a great degree of interest of the Pakistani student for CIMA and also depicts the potential CIMA market in Pakistan somehow but the admin of this page is not reactive at all !   Pakistani Student by nature is very confused because of limited/tough job market and they want reassurance ,you have to convince them over and over,you have to answer there every small queries,if they have even a small unattended concern,they will not join you but i am sorry to say  CIMA paksitan is waisting an excellent opportunity to communicate with them via this page effectively to increase its market share in Paksitan.