Job prospects in UK for CIMA qualified

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Dear CIMA Students and Members in UK,

I am a qualified CA and CMA from India and currently a Strategic Level student of CIMA. I am about to complete one year of post qualification work experience in a manufacturing company in India.

I would like to know about my chances of getting a good job in UK once I complete Strategic Level or T4. Only passing the exams will do or I have to have some more years of experience?

How would you rate my chances of getting a job after completing strategic level?

1. Very Good 2. Good 3. Poor or 4. Very poor 

Will my 2 Indian qualifications be considered during selection process?   

Please help.


Shriram Anikhindi



Visa Status

Shriram - what is your status, are you a UK / EU citizen?

If not your chance of landing a job in the UK is very low given how tight the new immigration restrictions are.

Re: Visa Status

No I am not a UK/EU citizen.