Jobs that are not through recruitment agencies

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Are there any websites that specialise in jobs that are not through recruitment consultants? 

 I am getting quite annoyed how there seems to be a block at the agency whenever I apply for something that holds up the time to apply and the job gets filled, and the actual CV I submit gets altered before it reaches them, I have had the question in interviews, why didn't you put that on your cv, when I actually had originally.

I think that the covering letter that takes me a while to write to target the job roles and say why I am fitted for the roles doesn't even get through.

 Also, I don't have the time to be taking holidays of just to meet the recruitment consultants when I need to save those holidays for actual job interviews.

 I would much prefer to apply to the companies directly as I think I can sell myself better, is there anywhere I can do this?





ummm no!

I tihnk you are asking if there are websites which allow companies to advertise but not recruitment consultants? I can't think of any apart from industry specific publications.

It will be very hard for you to cut recruitment agencies out - but the one thing you can do is visit company websites, make a list, it will be time consuming!! And write a lot of speculative letters. 

 If you don't like them altering your CV - enter it as a pdf where the content is stored as a picture..

Typically I haven't used cover letters when using recruitment agencies. I have also always met them around 5.30pm ish for coffee - which they are normally comfortable with.

I have to say there is a huge variety in the quality of recruitment consultants - sounds like you have had some specifically bad experiences.

Recruitment Websites

OK, so it doesn't get rid of the agency part, but I would actually recommend


You will find a lot of jobs advertised on there - if you like the look of them you submit details through the site and this gets passed on to the agencies.   I got my current job through an ad there and the agency in question were on the phone to me the same day to get registered so they could pass on my CV.


You will still have to go to the agencies, but you don't have to go trawling through their websites to find the positions.

Jobs that are not through recruitment agencies

As per my knowledge, the only way to get job without recruitment agencie, its better to apply company directly. When the recruitment is placed, you can apply directly through the company website. This would be really good way to get the job.

CIO recruitment

Recruitment Companies

Trying to get a decent job is just about impossible unless you go through a recruitment agency.

The only companies that don't use them are ones trying to recruit on the cheap. Do you really want to join a company that doesn't want to spend money getting the right people?

Companies know that the people the recruitment company put forward have been screened and the interviewers won't waste time on candidates that don't fit the role.

I once used the local paper for recruiting (on the insistance of the MD) and got loads of garbage and a large advertising bill.

I wouldn't waste time with a covering letter as the recruitment agency will rarely forward it and it will be the recruitment agencies comments that are seen. If this is slowing you down then forget it and submit your CV with a simple "please find enclosed my CV etc..."

not quite true

Roary I politley disagree.

I'm sitting in the office of a FTSE100 company.

There are over 100 jobs on our job board.

Each of them state no agency contact required.

We advertise on monster / reed etc...


Non Agency

Many large firms have their own 'talent acquisition' or their own versions of a HR team on the lookout for new candidates that advertise directly - as Polar Bear states, these vacancies will have a foot note stating 'strictly no agencies'.

I personally would rather go for these, the £5k fee+ in agency fees saved could partly go into your own remuneration.


 Firms include Centrica, Coke, Associated British Foods, Kellogs - just type in the company into the 'indeed' website to view the results yourself. 



I did say "just about impossible". I would say 90% of jobs go through agencies. They definitely tend to be the vast majority in SMEs in my experience.

Recuritment are DOGZ

I find when I'm out of work, I never hear from recuritment agencies even though I apply for jobs through them. Zilch not a peep not a single call.

BUT when I have a job there more than happy to ring you a offering you jobs, that end up being lies,lies,lies. There scumbags, cheats and have no sole. Simply DOGS....!!!!!!

I will never ever go recuritment ever agin.

The only true way to apply for a job, is to the companies direct. Away from the lies and deception. There cunning F#*€ers 

Be weary very very very weary. About recuritment agents..!!!! 


To not go via an agency I you can use REED or Monster and look for the companies that go direct. There is also other sites but these are the main ones that I use... Also Linkedin.



I completely sympathise with your frustration. I too would like to see a job site that doesn't use agencies. Agencies don't get back to you, even when they've suggested a job that you might like. They only care about their commission and nothing else. 

Agreed too

Same here I think under agencies you only work but the compensation that you get is lower than usual.

Agency Free Recruitment Website

I understand this is an old thread now but I stumbled across this while searching for non agency recruitment via Google.
You will be pleased to know that there is a company that specialises in agency free recruitment - see for more information.     There is actually a reward for reporting any recruitment agents that have managed to join as Employers

Recruitment Agency follies

lol You should never use an agency when you have a job and are trying to move to another one. Agencies advertise non-existent post just for the purpose of seeing who is trying to leave their jobs. They will then call your boss and tell him you are planning to leave the company, produce the proof and then ask him if they should start searching for your replacement. Next thing you know your boss is "pushing" out of your job.

 I wont even go into kickbacks some managers get from recruitment agencies for every employee recruited, in case you are wondering why some managers have very high staff turnover, they want they share of the recruitment agencies commission


Sorry Cima Boy but you talk rubbish. I worked for a group of 10 recruitment companies and they wouldn't last 5 minutes if this happened. The candidates wouldn't use them, the bribery and corruption act prevents payments as well as managers risking their jobs. Think you have a conspiracy/paranoid streak.