Backing up a website

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I have combined some tools in Google Sites to allow a client to keep a list of audit recommendations and store evidence of their implementation.  All is working well except for a nagging concern at the back of my mind that we are utterly reliant on Google.

Does anyone know of a tool that would take a copy of a whole website without going through page by page? 


Hi Michael,

I've not yet heard of a case of Google losing Sites data, but you're right that it is always wise to back up! HTTrack, at will take a copy of your site for you which you can then store on your PC / upload to another server.

I hope that helps,




Thanks for that link.  The site looked good and sounded as if it would do what I wanted but.... I have now remembered that with Google Sites, Google owns the copyright.  It looks like there may not be a way round this one at present other that relying on Google's backup!