Iris Exchequer vs Sage 200

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I work for a property construction company specialising in new build homes.  At present we use the Sage 50 Accounts software for our bookkeeping needs.  However I would like to move onto an accounts package that can tie in all the needs of the business.  For instance we operate over several sites and so I would like site managers to be able to access our purchase ledger and raise purchase orders over the accounts system rather than faxing to head office and also be able to review budgets etc in real time.  Similarly i would like our sales team to be able to view existing and potential customers, add new prospects and feed into the sales area of the product.

I know there are several online CRM solutions which could solve my second problem but I would prefer something that was integrated into the accounts package.

Has anybody had any experience with either Iris Exchequer or Sage 200 and can provide me with their opinion?  I've not yet looked at any other potential software solutions and so would be open to suggestions of other products!

Many thanks


What did you choose?

Hi there Rob,

Believe it or not, I am currently in exactly the same situation as you were - currently using Sage 50 and looking to switch to either IRIS Exchequer or Sage 200 - for our 2 legal services businesses. 

What did you go for in the end?  I'd be really interested in your views on what the main 'can and cants' are between the 2 systems from when you were looking at them.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated, or perhaps I could give you a call?

Many thanks,