optimal product mix

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Can someone bring theory into practice?

I work in a service industry and need to work out the optimal product mix for a range of services, I have done alot of the research, i.e. variable costs of each service and know the contraints,  I just need a hand in getting to the most profits.

 Can anyone do this or is wishing to share their knowledge?

 I am almost there, but someone with experience will give me the final push, I know once cracked will provide businesses with a valuable tool to make more money.

Mix - Info short


I honestly don't know how you expect a decent answer to this....


More info is required, like;

What services are you offering? what are the critical factors ? Is it quality or speed of service that you need to achieve? What are the minimum requirements/tolerance levels? When will these be breached and service levels (whatever they are set at) be effected beyond tolerance?


These are just a few requirements I would want to comprehend before advising... 


But goodluck I hope you manage to attain good balance and profit. (And always worth a review). 

product mix


It is training.


  You have a limiting factor in terms of classroom time.  Out of this time there are a minimum number of courses you have to run, a bit like a scheduled airline service as it is what you do, however after that time you have a range of classes, based on demand that you could potentially sell.

I would like to find the optimum sales mix that would yield the highest profit based upon the limiting factor of classroom time, probably via excel, do you have experience of solver?