What are the modern roles and responsibilities of an accountant / finance manager?

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Keywords: accountant, BI, ERP
The roles and responsibilities of an Accountant have changed significantly in the modern context, specially, with the adoption of ERP systems and BI tools.

Most of the reports, schedules and statements are prepared by the system and there is hardly any manual processing involved, such as book keeping, statements and schedules preparation. (These had been the accountants’ role traditionally)

So, I would wish to discuss the area of Accountants roles in the modern, dynamic business environment.

Appreciate, if you all could bring in inputs from your practical experience



Two definitions

1.  Here are two definitions of ‘management accounting’ as ‘paras’ 2 & 3.         2.  It is a profession that involves record keeping, controlling and reporting in monetary terms. It is to meet management’s requirements in performance assessment, decision making and future planning guided by and in support in implementing the organisations strategy. As a profession it is founded on integrity, CIMA’s motto, ‘honesty accuracy justice’ presents it in a straightforward manner.         3.  It is “the practical science of value creation. It combines accounting, finance and management using techniques required by the organisation. Management accountants operate in financial and also in non-financial roles for the benefit of the organisation”. Both will require 'tools' to do the job. Best regards Cliff Moggs