CIMA in Nigeria

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I anticipate a better CIMA organisation in Nigeria. The networking event we had at Lagos Business School yesterday was an indicator if all it promises were not just gain saying.The first thing students need are study centres in strategic places and Cima Offices. What do Nigerian students think? I think we are not enjoying what other international Students are enjoying especially UK students.

Study centre at Abeokuta, Ogun-state, Nigeria

I heard there is one Study centre at Abeokuta recognised by CIMA being the only Study centre in Nigeria.I would not mind takinglectures there though i'm base in Lagos.Does anyone know where precisely the venue is in Abeokuta?


The tuition fees per diet is $450. I have not been there, so I do not know the status of their lecturers and lectures. Find below their details as culled from CIMA website:

CIMA Learning Status: Listed

Telephone Number: +2347082549468 (The Presidents number)



Web site:

Tuition Types:

  • Full Time
  • Part Time: Day
  • Part Time: Evening
  • Part Time: Day/Evening
  • Part Time: Weekend
  • Distance
  • Revision

finding a job for practical experience


Can anyone assist with securing a job in a reputable firm in Nigeria.i only have two papers(enterprise strategy and the case study) to complete my cima and as such practical experience is indespensible.i have a in economics and i am presently a sales executive in hitv.Thanks

Cima in nigeria

there is one Cima office in ojuelegba in surulere . lagos

the question is the geniueness of the office


There is no CIMA office in Nigeria now. What you have is a body in Nigeria saying it is CIMA Nigeria and trying to portray to the public that it has affiliations with CIMA UK. This is not true. All issues relating to student, subscriptions etc are handled through the UK office. Please let me know if you require additional informaion.


Currently, there is no CIMA approved study center in Nigeria. However, there are some tuition providers who are providing tuition for various accounting bodies. However, none has applied to CIMA to be approved for the examination. CIMA goes through a certain process before approving a course provider.


I will like to know the center used for CIMA exams in Lagos. Is it the British council? Also on which days are the exams conducted in May.... I am starting with the CGA.