P2 Performance Management exam Nov 2010

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So, what did people think of this exam - any thoughts towards 1st section being eminently do-able and the 2nd being rather tough?

P2 Nov 2010

I felt that the exam went ok for me and hope AND pray (loads), that I get a pass. 

But it was far better that the May 2010 one, that was terrilble. :)


all the questions were demanding but question 7 disturbed me most b/cos of time

P2 Nov 2010

I felt the exam went ok. Much more workable then the May exam. I had some issues with 6c, but otherwise ok.

nov 10 P2 paper online available now

nov 10 P2 paper online available now

P2 Nov 2010

Yeah, I felt it went okay - but being this the third time of asking in passing P2, I'm just going to play it down with my hopes.

On paper, it was balanced I thought. I thought there were a couple of 'gimmie' parts of questions (Q5 & Q6a&b) which where countered by a coulple of questions in Section A with had a bit of vague narrative in the scenarios. And Q7b & c I felt I could only make assumptions though and noted it that in the answer.

But I did feel after it that, with no horrible transfer pricing in any of the exam, this was the best opportunity to pass it. Should the worst case again happen, I'm just going to assume that it's how my answers are interpreted in these written questions...

It was OK

I felt it was manageable. Section B was OK which was surprising.

 Good luck every one... Hopefully we won't see P2 again!!!

P2 Nov 2010

My friends and I thought the exam was tough, but the hardest thing to put up with was the polar temperature inside the BAC centre in Clapham Junction on Wednesday afternoon.  The exam shouldn't have never been allowed to go ahead with such a low temperature inside the room. We were so cold that we couldn't write straight and found very hard to concentrate because of the freezing temperature. We all felt that after studying so hard for three months we were unfairly penalised when it counted the most.


I've sat paper at BAC before, and never again.

Although this time I went somewhere where they were playing a basketball game in the room above us. So I might have actually prefered the cold!

P2 exam nov 2010

i thought it was awful - that was my 4th attempt at p2 and i thought it was the worst!! q7 was horrendous, i didnt even have a clue how to attempt it and after the May outburst i didnt think it was in the syllabus to revise such a topic??