Gaining practical experience outside country of residence

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Hello fellow CIMA students.  I'm going to graduate with a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A) soon and would like to apply for exemption for the Certificate level.  However,  i'm willing to get my PER (Personal Work Experience) after I finish the Managerial level, outside my country of current residence.

In other words, I'm willing to try to seek employment outside of country of residence to show that as my PER when I apply to become an ACMA.  My questions are :

1.  how likely would it be for me to find a job with a half-finished CIMA qualification (Managerial level) as a foreign immigrant in Australia / Canada

2.  if it is allowed to do your PER outside your nation.



Here is a quick reply. By the way the boards are used by members (ACMA & FCMA) as well as students...

There is no problem doing PER in any country as long as you can get your evidence signed off by your manager.

With regards looking for a job in Australia as an immigrant - you have not stated if you have the right to reside in the Australia. If you are hoping to emigrate or get a work permit based on completing managerial level exams I would find this very unlikely. There are plenty of qualified accountants who struggle to get in.

An alternative might be to see if you are eligible for a working holiday visa for Australia. This limits you 12 months in the country, with maximum of 6 months for one employer.

Hope this helps.