Student - Passed all exams but no practical experience application made for 4 years Timed off

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Dear CIMA Moderator & All,

I have passed all my strategic level papers and T4 part B case study exam. However I have not submitted my pratical experience application for membership. So if hypothetically due to my personal circumstances I am not able to submit this within 4 years I will be time off (ie) will have no relationship as student or member with CIMA.

In this situation, how can I revive my relation with CIMA and apply back for my membership & submit practical experience after 4 years have elapsed & whether is it possible ?

 I am sure after having passed all exams and paid all those subscription fees & exam fees CIMA should be considerate enough to allow back after 4 years to apply for membership considering that you can't take away a students efforts which he had put in for all those years just because he has taken a break for 5 years.

Also if the relationship is revived after 4 years then I assume that will start at the same level (ie) all my exams will be treated as passed and will only have to submit Practical experience. Also meanwhile if I continue to pay subscription fees for 4+ years then can I hope that I will not be timed off even after 4 years have elapsed ? 

Thanks & Regards,

Hemal Mehta




I dont understand why you would do that.

Surely after passing all your exams and doing all the hard work you would just submit your PER.

Student - Passed all exams but no practical experience applicati

Thanks Daniel, And I will try to close off the PER but this was just a hypothetical question to know the to how can CIMA not allow the student to submit PER after 4 years after that student has passed all exams and they have taken all exam fees...from students...? Its fine if there is some penalty fees for late submission..

 I actually want one of the CIMA Moderator to answer this query of mine. Can any CIMA official answer this, please ? As i have emailed to as well but no reply as usual. Request to answer the query, thanks in advance


I Too have had this same question. If we pay the subscription and attend CPD courses will we have to the exams all over again in order to restore the relationship with CIMA. There can be personal commitments or issues that may cause a setback in gaining PER. Would greatly appreciate a CIMA moderator's feedback.