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As someone working for a UK based company with operating units in Africa I was wondering if anyone knew if CIMA has a presence in Nigeria?

I am keen to develop the capability of our management accountants in these areas as well as attract and recruit quality accountants going forwards.  I would like to understand what is available to these countries in order to potentially support our staff in acquiring an internationally recognised qualification in finance. 

Are there any other local finance approved qualifications (e.g. AAT level etc)

Any other information relating to the training, development and recruiting of skilled accountants would also be appreciated.

CIMA In Nigeria group

Hi Keeley,

There is a group here on CIMAsphere for CIMA students and members in Nigeria. You might get some detailed advice from the people in that group:

(CIMAsphere community manager)

CIMA in Nigeria

Hi Keeley

 I guess the strategy suggested by Cliff and I in a previous post about your question on CIMA in Thailand, Indonesia and Australia applies here as well. I am sure there is a sizeable contingent of CIMA and ACCA students and members in Nigeria.