Moving from CIMA to ACCA

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Quick question

I have all the operational Level exams done in CIMA.As a result,what ACCA exams do I get exempt from?anyone any ideas?

Anyone any idea the difficulty of ACCA compared with CIMA?

Would appreciate opinions



Shouldn't this be directed at ACCA (pah!).

As regards difficulty I don't think one is any easier than the other. I know people who have defected either way but realised than both require equal amounts of hard work.

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Hey Mark

I don't know about he exemptions one 'll get about Operational level

but one thing i must share with you is that ACCA is not easier dude.

I have gone through some of its syllabus like f7(acca) that can be compared against F1(cima). God!

Infact you cant even compare the standard laid by ACCA. So difficult, tuff and surely headbanging questions. However the CIMA f1 is much easier, straight and occupied with repetitive questions...sometimes not even challenging :(


Knowing the answer makes the question appear easy.

To the best of my knowledge there is no 'standard' for assessing which accountancy body sets 'easier' papers. In that for most subjects the knowledge expectation by any employer will be the same it is wise to assume that all papers have the same amount of difficulty. From my experience competent accountants are just that, competent. If you look at their qualifications, you name it and someone has it! Best regards Cliff Moggs

Acca v Cima

I attended a college course which taught ACCA and CIMA in the same class and each claimed their course was hardest. A few defected and talking to them later they admitted that their hopes or getting an easy route were unfounded. Both courses are equally tough. I personally think CIMA has more relevance to industry and commerce but then I'm biased.

acca vs cima


I still go with ACCA! I have met teachers of CIMA claiming that ACCA is comparatively tougher than CIMA. THE REASON is probably the uneven rate of passing! 

SEE im a cima student but i truely believe that ACCA is career focusing path. At the end you gotta have choice to opt advance form of studies but no after CIMA! :(

i.e Advancce TAX or AUDIT thing. CIMA is more towards general path. Not the one GOLD package. 


Exemption for ACCA


After the completion of Operational Level , ACCA papers F1-F3 will be exempt. If you complete Management Level as well, you get further two exemptions F5 and F7.

As a student of both ACCA and CIMA, I find both equally tough and of a very high standard. 

Both the qualifictions have a lot of similar content.



All Professional exams are tough except degree programmes

Above headline would reflect all.

Self suffice.


i am an ACCA member doin T4 CIMA. to me, ACCA was a walkover compared to CIMA. the exam style are just a bit different. i joined CIMA with hope of learning more. Anyway, i learnt more of financial strategy than i did with P4. i passed P4 without having knowledge in business valuations which is core to the syllabus.

about exemptions, i think you should contact ACCA or apply for exemptions. In Malawi ACCA is just like one of those qualifications just like degrees or "A" levels.  

George Kaute 

Intelligence or Quality deterioration

Dear George,

Maybe it is your knowlegde applications intelligence or could it be the course quality and stringent exam requirements have deteriorated.

Well only candidates and exam markers knew.

God knows.


I am moving from CIMA to ACCA and Completed my CIMA certficate level successfully. I just want to know how many exemptions I receive from ACCA. I also did BS(Hons) in Economics. Anyone please help me put here... I am expecting F1 to F4 exemptions cause their titles and course contents are almost same.