Query on whether or not you can be the accountant as well as the independent examiner of a charity

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Will I, a registered member in practice with CIMA, be allowed, as the accountant of a charity to also act as their independent examiner?

Please advise. Thank you.

Independent Examination of Charity Accounts

Dear Heinrich, 

I came across this guide on the Charity Commission website, CC32 - Independent Examination of Charity Accounts: Examiners’ Guide.

Part C3 of this guide seems to be saying that the Charity Commission would not permit this.

There are other guidance documents on charity accounting reporting on this website that you may find useful.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Bill Haskins, CIMA

"Independent" is the key

Heinrich, just run with the logic of your question: if you're involved in the day-to-day running of the charity as their accountant, then by definition you're not able to carry out an "independent" review.

I'm with Adrian

If you prepare the accounts and then examine them you are simply checking your own work and there is no way the Charity Commission will accept this.

 Below is an extract from CC32:

"An examiner cannot independently review his or her own work and so the person who is the charity’s book-keeper cannot be the charity’s examiner"

For "book-keeper" read "accountant".

Eligible as charity's accountant and independent examiner

What if we're not their day to day bookkeepers but merely producing their statutory accounts? 

There's no difference

You would still be checking your work and not independant.