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Hi all

 I have enquired with CIMA re annual fee's as follows: -


Dear Sir/Madam I would like to make an enquiry re fee’s. I registered as a CIMA student on 19/08/09. I duly paid my registration fee and y subs fee which was 58+87= 145. It was my understanding that the sub fee was for one year. As I joined on 19/08/09, surely my sub fee should either run to 18/08/10 or the sub be apportioned according to how much of the year I joined for i.e. 87/12*5 = 36.25?? I was very surprised to see another sub fee for 2010 appearing on my account. Could you please explain? Regards Tim Hall  


Any comments?

Transaction date

   Transaction    Quantity    Fees £    Payment £
18/08/2009    Reg Fee - Stud 2009    1    58.00     
18/08/2009    Subs Fee - Stud 2009    1    87.00     
18/08/2009    CC Payment              145.00
25/08/2009    Exmpt Fee - Certificate 2009    2    82.00     
01/01/2010    Subs Fee - Stud 2010    1    90.00    


Dear Tim Have you had any response from Cima regarding the matter? It's just bizarre... I joined around September and have to pay the fee again in Jan, not as I thought Thanks, Sylwia


I re-joined CIMA in Sept and was only charged for the 2010 subs plus the re-joining fee. Hope you get it sorted. Regards, Mark


Thanks guys I have emailed CIMA today on the matter. Mark your comments are very interesting and to be honest I detect a deliberate oversight re charges. Thank you for your comments Sylwia and Mark and I will get back to you when I hear from CIMA. Tim


Ps It is only because having started at certificate level and studying fundamentals in financial and management accounting that I have questioned this. After all, aren't some of the topics covered include accruals, prepayments and apportionment?? I would have thought of all people CIMA would abide by their own teaching.

Subs Fee

Hi Tim,

Just to share my experience.

I registered with CIMA in Sept'07 & had to pay only 1 year's subscription for '07 & '08. I think when you register after September, your subs are valid till 31-Dec of the following year. I faintly recall our tuition providers advising us to register after Sep to get this benefit.

Regards, Lasitha

Fees and subscriptions

Hi - this is by no means an official CIMA response, and on principle I've voted against increased fees every year since I qualified (because there's never been any visibly greater benefit for the extra we're being charged). But it's interesting that the sub-text of your conversations is that subs provide an incremental month-by-month benefit so you should only pay for the months you use. While that's one interpretation, another is that you're paying an annual fee to be part of CIMA and benefit from CIMA's services to you and for you. As a student your primary interest in CIMA is probably only to be eligible to take exams, which you don't do every month. (And which you may not see as much of a tangible "benefit"!) Maybe the question for students and Chapter Street to consider is actually when and why do you register, and then what support do you require and when? Would I be right to guess that you're registering in Aug/Sep because you're starting courses at the beginning of an academic year? I'd be interested in your thoughts on this. Regards, Adrian

Subscription Fees

 Dear all,

The 2010 fees came into effect on the 1st September 2009.

Therefore if you register before this date you will be required to pay again on the 1st January the following year as the annual subscription fees run from 1st Jan - 31st Dec each year.

Our annual subscription fees are not pro rata.  

I do hope that this clarifies the matter.

Yetunde Anjorin

CIMAsphere Moderator