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Has anyone used any online learning facilities? If so did you find them useful? Unfortunately I am paying for my own tuition and trying to keep costs down. I am studying Managerial Stage at the moment but need extra help with some subjects. Can anyone help!!

cima study

yes i tried it, but i did not really like it, if you do not mind learning off of a computer screen, then it should be ok, but i prefer to read a book to study

Online learning

Hi I used online learning for P1, 2 & 5 for the May sitting. It does engage you a bit more than reading tons of text, but I found that it just skimmed the syllabus and didn't really go into much detail. It is just as expensive as buying the study system as well


i hav used P5. if u hav OFFICIAL material then its 10% usefull n if u havent then its really worthfull

Online Study

I tried for May exams (P5). Good syllabus coverage & pdf notes, so was good when not at my pc. (printed them off). Also I found the study notes to be very similar to Kaplan study text.

I have tried the Cima online study package for P5. I think I was very disappointed as I expected it to be more inter-active. It was basically reading text on the screen which is very straining on the eyes. It is not the same as studying from a text book as you can quickly refer back and highlight key points. The course content was very basic, and does not prepare you for the exam type questions. I honestly feel that I would have been very unprepared if I had not studied further using Kaplan study and revision books for the exam. The cost of the course is over priced considering that you do not receive any materials so you have to print off everything yourself (adding to the cost of the course).

CIMA online

I bought the P4 and P8 when they were offered at half price during my revision for the exams. Didn't really use the P4 course (didn't do much work at all on that paper as I was struggling with P8!), but I did find the P8 module very helpful, and passed first time. They are expensive though, and probably wouldn't have bought them at full price.

P1 Online

Hi, I am doing P1 online. So far I think is good but I am struggling now to get a figure to work out to the correct solution in the Question review for one of the modules. ps.: I thought this was something new! !


Did anyone manage to log into tonite (tue 08 Sep)??? I have been trying for one hour without success!!! Whether its a good method to study or not is not relevant for me as it is the only mode of study I can afford! However I am loosing valuable studytime just waiting for the site to load (1 hr 10 mins already!!!). Is this a frequent occurence .. I am worried!!!

I wish I had read this forum before buying it last week (C04,C02). It is not worth the kind of money they charge. It has little videos here and there but the rest is just extract from Elsevier's CIMA book. The assessment questions are very different from actual exam pattern.

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I am really glad I found this topic here as I was very close to give up my CIMA studies altogether, as well as considering a career change.... I used CIMAStudy for both P1 and P7 and failed both exams.

I realise now that especially for P1 the material wasn't digging deep into the important subjects enough.  

Being in Australia I cannot attend classes so I am looking into the online/ distance learning of Kaplan/ BPP.

I used both of them in class tuition for my Certificate level back in the UK and passed the 5 exams in a row in less than 4 months. Stick to the known.

Anyone used their online/distance learning systems?

And any buddy in Australia?






Hi Brigette,


Bit off topic here (but to keep it on topic, yes I looked at CIMAstudy but didnt like the fact it was all on a computer screen, I prefer to study out of text books)

But are you going to find it hard to study CIMA in Australia ? Is there much call for CIMA professionals in Oz ? 

(Originally from Perth, Western Australia myself and doing my Certificate level at the moment by distance) 

Best of luck with your studies


Hi all.

I feel really good now that i have read this page. I was considering buying E1 and F1 courses from cimastudy for the May 2010 exams. Having read this page however, am sticking to using the kaplan study text and the BPP revision kits. With books I can highlight and reference back and i don't have to depend on internet speed and URL page loading time. Also, from experience these books are more exam focused.

I used kaplan study text and revision kits for the November 2009 exams (P1 & P2) and passed them both. So am going down the same route this time round.

Thank you all for sharing your experiences with, very helpful.



I bought C01 and C03 recently. Both courses contain load of errors/typos which are very confusing. The erratas published are not updated in the course materials and only posted on the course forum. Having said that non of the errors I pointed out and sent to the Expert have been even posted on the forum for other students.

The technical support for the course is also very poor. The website is unavailable since at least last Thursday (28/10/2010) and I haven't managed to get any reply yet on when the access is likely to be restored. 

Extremely disappointed.


From my experience, I can say there is no support at all. I bought 2 online courses  via registering at cimaglobal. After over 2 days since purchase, I still haven't received access codes to the study materials. I emailed them exactly 2 days since purchase (via Technical Support). No answer. Then I emailed cimaglobal explaining the matter, and the answer was that they could not help with it and I had to contact (via the same Technical support). I've done it again and requested refund. Still awaiting the answer...  (P.S. there is no phone, email, or 'real' person to contact.)

At the moment, I'm left without money and without study materials. I seriously regret for not having booked with Kaplan straingt away. I studied for CFA with Kaplan, and was happy with them.  

If that's the quality of customer service at cimastudy, then what can be expected from their study materials?