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Just to get something off my chest and see if anyone else feels the same way....

 I studied Economic and Financial Management at Keele University (not a CIMA partner), got a first class degree and got exemptions from 4 out of 5 of the certificate level examinations.

 I've studied CIMA for a few years and have often come across people who get an outrageous number of exemptions because they went to a CIMA partner university.

 Example A) a guy i met on a tuition course for P4, who did Accountancy and Finance at Exeter (a partner uni), got a 3rd class degree and i quote "attended about 1 in 10 of my lectures - god knows how i passed hahaha evil laugh". This guy got exemtions from all of his certificate level and all of the managerial level exept P4 and P5 (in most peoples opinion, the easier of the level)

 I've met several people like this and it never fails to amaze me.

 I can see the reason why, partner unis will often have the same lecturers doing the degree classes as the CIMA class, so the degree could be aimed at a continuation to CIMA.... but quite such a difference in treatment?

 Aside from my obvious jealousy of having to do more work than someone else for the same reward, I think this makes it easier for potentially less adequate people to get membership status, thus devaluing the profession.

 Anyone else experienced this?


well i think p4 + 5 are the hardest, lol. it just depends if you like theory or not, personally i don't like it.

its not that hard for a university to become cima accredited - they just need to contact cima and supply them with the syllabus information of all their applicable degrees, then the content is compared and exemptions awarded where deemed appropriate - they will end up being listed on that online database.

im guessing your degree was asessed on the accelerated route 2? in that case you can't get anything more than the certificate level.

as for that guy you met, he's probably going to have some trouble with the strategics because they are not as easy as they look! and they assume knowledge of alot of the managerial level - so if you don't understand those concepts its going to be a long uphill battle. thats why i think its best to not get alot of managerial exemptions so that you cover and understand the full syllabus for each paper. i personally got p7 but accepted it because it was very similar to what i did at university, and I understood the majority of that work.

p1 and p2 are the most important ones in my opinion that you should really write the exams for as they form the core of your management accounting knowledge, which is what cima is about.


I was the same as the guy with the evil laugh.... I got a 2:2 at Bournemouth - accounting & finance... Took all of the exemptions, passed P4&5 1st time, then strats passed 6 but failed 3&9 (as was almost learning from fresh which is not easy to do with 3 strats) then passed the retakes for it took me an additional 6months (waiting for retakes) as opposed to waiting for 2 sittings at managerial (assuming I would have passed them - otherwise longer) to pass 1,2,7&8 ...I see your point !


I did a BA in Accounting and got exemptions from all certificate papers and all managerial papers except P5. I had to pay exemption fees (myself) which were the same as the exam fees but a lump some of (at the time) Stg£450 hit me hard at the time. This was just after paying the inital registration fee along with a years membership. When I studied P5 I found I had covered a lot of the material in college. I do think however that the strategic exams are very different to college exams and they are the real test of ability. It is a totally different approach, it is very easy to skip classes in college and get somebody elses notes but CIMA exams require a higher level of ability IMHO and if you don't put in the hours you are unlikely to pass. (Hell even when you DO put in the hours there are no guarantees!)



CIMA Exemptions

Hi Andrew,

Most of CIMAs exemptions are based on accredited decisions, this means that the University or Institution has contacted CIMA and asked to be accredited.

Accreditation can take anywhere between 4 and 6 months to be completed, as CIMA needs to be supplied with Exam Papers, Syllabus information, Pass Rates in addition to other information.

Many Universities or Instuitions choose not to apply for accreditation due to the process involved.

I can understand that you may feel this is unfair, but without this information we have nothing to base the decision on.

Students that have degrees from non-accredited Universities are awarded exemptions based on a blanket decision for their degree subject, this is known as Accelerated Route 2, for further information please use the following link

Kind Regards

Beth CIMAsphere moderator


Is 11 paper exemptions available for BBA hons (4 years)?

Is 11 paper exemptions available for BBA hons (4 years), those are avalibe for MBA? 

I have done Bachelor of Science in Business Administration  (BBA 4 years) from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan. According to the policy of Higher education (HEC) of Pakistan BBA (4years) is equal to traditional MBA (2 years), because both are 16 years of education in business administration. Now a day’s 2 years MBA is not exist in Pakistan for new comers.


A Revised Business Education Roadmap-2012 of HEC is .

A scheme of study for BBA 4 years is (official link of COMSATS).  (official link of HEC).

Now I want to do CIMA now. Kindly tell me, is 11 exemptions (like for MBA) will be granted to me??? If not what does the mean of MBA, 16 year education or what??? Please elaborate your policy about BBA 4 years. 

Please solve this problem. If the problem is solved I shall be thankful to you.