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Whooohooo! have just passed CO1 just......  Has anybody got any tips or notes for the CO3 which I am doing next?

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Sad to say I've just failed this for the second time. Was sure I'd passed this time as well but actually did worse than the first time. Do lots of practice questions as I found the exam questions more difficult than in the Kaplan book. Still think I did all of the excel questions right but the feedback on the results indicated not so have just sent away for the Kaplam past papers to see what went wrong. Got in the 70's and 80's for CO 5 and CO2 so not complete dummy!!  Best of luck.

Excel questions

Yeah, excel questions can be weird. Excel itself may acceot more versions of  inputs than the exam does which I'm not convinced is the right approach.


I too have just failed C03 for the second time, certainly the actual CBA is more difficult than the practice tests either online (through CIMA study) or through the Kaplam books. Leo i suppose the only tip i could give is on the C03 (maybe more so than other modules - this is my last module to try to pass!) is that you really have to make sure you understand why you're doing what you're doing & not just what you're doing - if that makes sense! As mentioned above, make sure you know how CIMA want you to write excel formula, i've worked with excel for many years & how we use excel in our daily business life is different to how CIMA teach it - marks can be aasily gained or lost here! Good luck with the studies. I have my re-sit booked for Sept.


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Sorry to hear about your CO3 result.  I may have an advantage over you as I haven't used Excel for many years (not really much call for it on the farm!).  So I will be re-learning it the CIMA way.  I did find in the CO1 the questions quite ambiguous?  I will keep everything crossed for your re-sit.   I'm hoping to sit this one December time...



Study resources CO3

Hi Aneeb,   Just wanted to say thank you for the link - I hadn't come across that before, sure it will come in handy !   regards   Karen 

CO3 formulas

I am about to sit CO3 business mathematics and would like to clarify if it is necessary to commit all the stats formulaes to memory or are they given to you in the exam, after the tables maybe?



C03 formulas

Hello Thomas,
Below is the link for C03 formula table which is provided during the examinition.

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CO3 formulas

Thanks Aneeb, can I just double check that this sheet is definitely given in the Pearson exam centres?  I don't wish to not learn Spearmans Rank etc by heart and then not have the formula given in the exam.

 Last question - do the formulas appear at the end of the tables?



Hi Thomas, 
These formulas will be accessible on screen whenever you require to see them, click on the link  for "Guidance notes for CIMA Certificate level CBA candidates "



Study Buddies wanted

Hi everyone,


I am about to start studying CO3. I am starting with it as Mathematics has always been my strongest subject.

Does anyone want to study together? I am based in London.

Mbali Msibi (miss)