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Hi, I've been informed that I am exempt from all 5 modules of the CIMA certificate. If I accept these and pay the fee, does that mean I will end up with an actual paper certificate? Thanks



You would have to sit and pass at least one exam of those five.




Completely agree with Oskar you need to sit and pass atleast one module for the Certificate.


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Is 11 Paper exemption availbe for BBA 4 years as like for MBA??

I have done Bachelor of Science in Business Administration  (BBA 4 years) from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan.According to the policy of Higher education (HEC) of Pakistan BBA (4years) is equal to traditional MBA (2 years), because both are 16 years of education in business administration. Now a day’s 2 years MBA is not exist in Pakistan for new comers. A Revised Business Education Roadmap-2012 of HEC is . A scheme of study for BBA 4 years is (official link of COMSATS).  (official link of HEC).
Now I want to do CIMA now. Kindly tell me, is 11 exemptions (like for MBA) will be granted to me??? If not what does the mean of MBA, 16 year education or what??? Please elaborate your policy about BBA 4 years. 

Please solve this problem. If the problem is solved I shall be thankful to you.

Yours Truly,
Salman Amin (A Pakistani student).


Hi Salman

I suggest you search the exemptions section of the website first and if you need further clarification please get in touch with the contact centre.



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CIMA certificate exemption


I am about to start CIMA, I was going to take the certificate level because I didn't the last stage of AAT exams, I saw in cima website that you might get exemption if you have accounting experience, is this true? I have more than 15 years working in acounting, I did management account with an insurance company, product accountant with another Insurance grop and financial accounting with an international french group

can anyone please advise?