How long does it take CBA resuts to show on MYCIMA after writing and passing

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Please guys, help out. I have since written and passed CO2 and CO5 exams last week tuesday but to my dismay, my MYCIMA account has not been updated with the results to this date., Is this normal? Please help



It says here that it should take 5 - 7 days to see the results


I m tired of waiting

Hey, I have waited and waited nd I dont know what to do now coz this is the 11th day, or maybe they are loaded with work to appload. Let me remain patient nd wait


CIMA contact

Hi Obakeng,

Please get in touch with CIMA contact:

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a friend of mines result have not been updated nd she wrote in november 2011...does this mean she has to re write da paper again.??

CIMA Contact

Dear Etlaatla

Please see Adrian's post above - in the first instance your friend should get in touch with CIMA Contact. 

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updating myCIMA

I passed my last paper on C level on January 25, but results are not posted. I contacted CIMA few days ago, and no response. I need CIMA to post results so that I can register for operational level exam. Any advice is appreciated.



 Are your results updated on MyCima only if you passed?

I wrote my CBA exam C04 last week but didnt make it I want to try again this  time use a different book maybe BPP is better


Hi Thobile,

I can confirm that failed CBA exam results are not displayed in you MyCIMA account.

I hope this information has been helpful.

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scores on MyCIMA

I wrote my last exam(C04) on the 29th of june and got 60%, and it still is not reflected on myCIMA... I sent a mail 6 days after the exam and they replied saying it would take 8 to 10 days....
I have mailed them again and am yet to recieve a response...

has it taken this long for anyone else?

Exam Result

It's very frustrating when you have done the computer based exam,you know it's a pass and yet you have to wait for the result to be uploaded for days.With CAT computer based exams used to get a printout of the provisional result straight away and the result used to get uploaded within 2 working days.It's the sixth day since i have done the CIMA exam,still nothing uploaded on mycima!!!Not happy with CIMA right now. 

Exam Result

I have passed my final CBA on 12th of July and still no results on MyCIMA...44 days of waiting and getting more frustated day by day....