Order for Exams

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Hi All,

I'm keen to sit 3 exams in May then November to complete the Operational Level and Management Level.  Any suggestions on the order to take them?   i.e. E1, E2 & F1 then F2, P1 & P2.

Any suggestions appreciated!

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Tactics for exam

Hi Jim,

If you are considering to sit 3 exams per sitting, I will recommend you to do E1, F1 and P1 in May, then E2, F2 and P2 in Nov.  The reason behind this is that the examination format for all the operation level papers are the same (i.e. 3 sections with MCQs in Section A, Short questions in Section B and Long questions in Section C) and you are likely to master the Time Management well (which is crucial in CIMA exam).

Another bonus is that once you finish all your operation level papers, you will be awarded the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting.  Likewise, when you are done with all the Management level papers, you will be awarded the CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting.  These are somethings you can look forward to or show your employer to earn some brownie points.

However, you should also take your work and family into consideration.  Studying 3 subjects at the same time is not a small committment.  You may want to use this light hearted quiz as a reference. 

This article from Martin Taylor, BPP Chief Execuitve, can also provide some insight.

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Do we have to answer exam questions in the order set?

Hi All 

I have just been thinking of whether it is compulsory to attempt questions in the order in which they are set or maybe one can attempt those that  they feel they stand a better chance as long as the numbering is clear. The exam instructions are silent on this issue.

Answer order


You can attempt questions in any order you prefer.  However you should:

1. Lable the question number clearly

2. Keep all parts of a question together (i.e. when you started question 1, keep all parts of question 1 together.  Do not mix up questions like 1a, 2b, 1c, 3a as this will be confusing for the marker)

You can find more exam tips here.

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Order for Exams

Hi Sam,

Thank you for the reply.  My thinking behind the order of doing the exams was that E1 and E2 are more light on technical content compared to F1, F2, P1 and P2 but then again that would leave me with the next sitting having to do F2 and P1 and P2 which would be a struggle! 

I have sucessfully sat 3 professional exams before so know that it would be a big task however I have good support from my company so think it's not impossible to achieve and I'm usually well prepared for exams so hopefully this will help.



Exam order - Most convenient combination :-)

Hi Jim,

I think the CIMA order of subjects listed may be the most suitable. E1, F1 and P1 and then E2, F2 and P2. Trust me, if you have ample time for preparation, this is the most convenient combination I think :-)