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 Is anyone else experiencing any problems with  

This is the first time I have used them.  I have picked up the odd error on the online learning questions

My biggest problem though is that and I don't get any responses from the 'ask an expert'.   All queries are supposed to be responded to in 24 working hours and a message to your account.

 My two queries to the 'ask an expert where not responded to.  I had to resort to emailing technical support where someone confirmed there was an error in ther text but I did not get and answer as to why the 'ask the experts' are not answering student enquiries

Hi William

 I am sorry that you experienced problems with Having seen your post, I contacted our Customer Relationship Manager at CIMA to see what we could do to help. I understand that your query has now been resolved and also that it is unusual for students to wait more than 24 hours for a response via the "ask the expert" system. It seems this is likely to have resulted from a technical glitch which shouldn't be repeated.



Jackie Durham

CIMAsphere Moderator 


Hi Jackie many thanks.

Just to clarify  - Yes the second query that I logged has now been resolved. This was after I contacted some helpful guy in technical support who contacted the tutor who got then back to tech support who then got back to me (taking days) to confirm that I had found a mistake in the studies.  I wasn't informed there was a glitch or why I was not getting answers via 'ask an expert'  (I asked them this)

The second query that I logged onto the system (one day after the first query) on Tuesday 9th March via ask a tutor has still not been answered on the system ( I eventually worked out the answer to that question myself so I did not pursue it).


access to


Is there any chance to get to speak to a 'real' person in customer support at

I've purchaced access to study materials 3 days ago and haven't got any email from them with my access codes. I reported the problem on their support page several times, but I get no answers at all. 

I want to get the refund and cancel my subscription with cimastudy, but there is no way to reach anybody in that company. I have all the evidence paying for the course, so I am considering legal action to claim the money back. But despite my great dissapointment, I would still prefer to solve it via a more peaceful process.

CIMA Study Access Issues

I've had the same problem. I joined CIMA and bought 2 courses a few weeks ago, waited for a bit, have emailed and called and Elsevier need "confirmation" that I have paid or something. It's really difficult to get through to CIMA and I don't understand how they can be advertising CIMA student online courses, saying it's the best way to learn CIMA, if the sign-up process is this difficult. I haven't even seen a guide and have no idea what's going on.