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Does anyone have a rough guideline to how much you should aim to write for the E2 paper? I know that it's quality and not quantity and everyone's hand writing is different but I haven't attended any revision courses and was wondering if they gave a rough guideline?


Hi Lucy,


Advised rule of thumb is 3/4 page for a 5 marker anf 2+ for a 10 marker.




Tips from a marker

Hi Lucy

Here are some tips from a CIMA marker on written questions:

Write neatly and legibly – being able to read what you have written will help enormously!

Don’t waste time writing out the questions from the exam paper – the marker knows what the questions are.

Keep questions together - don’t mix parts of questions up throughout your answer book. This makes the paper easier to mark and also ensures that you can easily check you have answered all parts of each question.

Leave 1-2 pages between questions in case you want to add anything later – this avoids mixing questions up.

If you’re answering long written questions, leave a line or two between each paragraph so the text is easier to read.

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