E2 Kaplan Book Info needed

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I have been using the BPP study book for E2 which I am sitting in Novemeber.

Can any one out there advise if the Kaplan book is any good? For the F1 and F2 papers I have brought the BPP and Kaplan books as I find the Kaplan books far easier to follow.

 I am wondering if I should purchase the Kaplan book also?


E2 Kaplan book

I have bought the E2 Kaplan book for my 2nd resit & have not found it very useful. I studied with BPP & thought a change of text might stimulate some interest but it is too brief. I now have the CIMA one which is much better although very big!

Kaplan Shouyld be Enough....

As usual the BPP book is more wordy and in depth than Kaplan in the "wordy" papers. But as one tutor put it to me... "E2 is much more like the strats papers, that is to say 20% about theory from books and 80% about application and question technique"


If that is true then Kaplan should be more than enough...

Kaplan Revision Book

Wow - only 20% from the text book has surprised me!

 I have decided to purchase the Kaplan practice and revison book based on what you said.

I plan to thrash out question after question using the BPP and Kaplan books.

 How far into your studies are you, are you able to attempt questions yet or, like me, are you still in the learning phase?


Hi Gooner

I am studying F2 and E2. With regard to F2, I have completed the Kaplan Study Text and am about 50% of the way through the Exam Kit. For E2 - I am about 25% through the study text. I will start questions in two weeks time.


I normally plan 150 hours total per paper, but will probably do 200 on F2 and 100 on E2.