P2 - How you found ?

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Hi all,

How you found the P2 exam today ? I felt bit tough & hard :-( 

Not great

During the reading phase I thought the 10 mark questions were fairly straight forward, I however started panicking after I fluffed the flexed budget question (question 2, I think?) the wordy parts in section 3 also seemed very difficult, I wasn't sure what the $200 shadow price was (??) and thought 8 marks for opprtunity-cost base was impossible.

CIMA P2 Nov 12 exam

Even I found the exam difficult.. Finding the Break even point in units simply baffled me.. Shadow price.. :-(

Wonder why CIMA doesnt allow us to take the question paper back with us.. :-(

Anyone found it nice and easy? Any tutors commenting on the exam?

Exam comments

Linu Mathews wrote:

Any tutors commenting on the exam?

Not seen it yet...


Q6 Shadow prices I didnt understand the $200 but the 187.5 or 175 which were the extra cont per unit of lmtd factor for both p2 and c1. Breakeven I think I got 12000 units to b/even then split between the ratios! Sensitivity analysis was confusing as it didn't give a % change so just reduced selling price by $1 to see the changes, sure thats wrong though!

 Question 7

Total revenue, now this was confusing for 7(A) (I) what I did was using the optimul selling price to max profit for the lense, added this onto the vc for the complete camera to get $3??? aprox. this was then used as the MC for the complete camera to get optimul selling price and demand multyply them to get total revenue! for (A) (II) to maximise profits for the group I assumed that the trf from the lense should have been at MC which was $12?? i think added that onto the VC for the complete then same again worked out the optium price and demand to get the revenue!! Probably not very well explained but this is how I did it, shocking question, very badly worded!  

 Boxes, min price $2.00 max price $1.56

last quesition, went on about how there was spare capacity and there fore trf should have been at VC, and then argued both sides on why this should and shouldn't be the case!!

Learning I got 88.7%

JIT was 46000 less, I did this then realised it wanted total cost, so had to redo


Papers are up!!! Good Luck


I also found a bit hard p2,because It was really difficult to understand shadow price,n also got stuck in transfer pricing, hope to get 50 to get pass I just pray for it as we'll.


Re: Linu - CIMA P2 Nov 12 exam

Hi Linu,

Overall P2 was tough this time. Yes, I sent an email to my tutor at INSAF Smartclass who was extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout my entire course with them. He replied me that p2 this time wasn't too much difficult, but it required application of knowledge in a different angle :-( Also said majority of the students found P2 very tough this time :-( I think I may need to resit :-(

CIMA doesn't allow to take the exam paper with us because the same paper is examined at different countries at different time zones while in CIMA exam diets. Chances are brighter that a student who sat a CIMA exam in Sydney, scan & email the exam paper to his friend in the UK or the US if allowed to take the exam paper with them ;-)