P2 results

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Here is a place for all students who sat P2 in November to talk about how they did once the results are released on Tuesday 15 January.

How did you do?

If you have not yet received your exam results please read this FAQ blog post about exam results before posting.


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Early start for NZ

Here in CHCH, got exam result.


Surprise, relief, joy

good luck to everyone else. 




What time are the results emailed?

Congrats - Waiting anxiously here in the UK. What time was your email sent?

Early start for NZ

I got mine at 8.07am NZ time (13 hours ahead)

All passes!

P2 52%

E2 59%

F2 62%

All first time passes whilst working full time in Australia where I have to do home study :) VERY HAPPY!!

2 Passes & 1 Fail


P2-55% (1st time)

F2-57% (1st time)



E2-37%  (3rd or 4th attempt and apparently getting worse!?)


I hate this exam and now need to work out if I resit in March and take the three stratigic papers in May or not.  Stupidly, I now don't feel like I can sleep.


P1 - 66

P2 - 71

That's a nice morning! However F2 to absent so I have something to focus on.

Finally - Managerial Done

P2 - 53%

Next step Strategy!

Passed P2 first time with 66%.


E2 - 50

F2 - 67

P2 - 79

 First attempts while working full time and self studying... I'm thrilled!


Passed P2 & E2 first time!

Now on to Strategic! Eeekk!!

That goal is clearly in sight now! 

Well done to everyone today! 

Laters P2!

So happy to get P2 out of the way, 60 marks isn't spectacular but who cares? I don't!

On to the strats, dare I think it but is the end in sight??!!

It's really good to hear everyone else's good news. Sorry to the people that missed out, I thought it was a really tough P2 exam.

E2 to go then strategic

72 first time self study, dreading E2 though

On to Strategic!!

Passed P2 - 69 1st time which I was a bit stunned over as I felt it was really time pressured. F2 - 62 1st time had to resit E2 in August but passed 2nd time with 54.

Strategic next and I'm beginning to believe I can really do this.

 Best wishes to all who are on this journey.




ok think im the only person who failed this exam :(

1st time sitting it and got 42% - was expected but still not a nice feeling when you see a FAIL.

 Aww well roll on resit in March - fingers crossed


@shauna.... you are not the only one: I failed to in P2 and a collegue of mine too. We had a very bad tutor here in Amsterdam. So, working with the school now to get prepared for resit alright. Will also resit in March, hope we can do that in Amstedam!

 But at least passed E1 - good news for me today, I passed Ops level! :)

Good luck for you.

P2 Results

Happy man today.

P1 79%

P2 81%

 Considering everyones angst following the exam it seems quite a few a passing which is good news.


I failed this with a mark of 45. Much better mark than I was expecting to be fair, so I'm staying positive for the resit in February!

Congratulations to all that passed - commiserations to those who didn't. Stay positive, keep your head up and give that exam all you've got next time!


Hi All

Well done to all those who have passed, and hard luck to those who didn't.

For those of you who want to get straight back into it, exam entry deadline for Mar-13 exams is 22nd January 2013.  To plan your next exam, see the exam centres and exam dates.

May 2013 exam entry opens on the 01st February 2013.



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study material wanted

Hi all'

Please i am in need of study materials for F2 and P2. Please contact me if you want to sell.





 P2: 37% (Lowest mark of the tread so far!  Yipee).  Knew this was a tough exam but am really susprised at how low the mark was.

 E2:  51% (really pleased with this, barely 1 second of wasted revision on this paper)

Some good scores here as usual, well done.

Pass and Fail

David Newton wrote:


P2: 37% (Lowest mark of the tread so far!  Yipee).  Knew this was a tough exam but am really susprised at how low the mark was.

E2:  51% (really pleased with this, barely 1 second of wasted revision on this paper)

Some good scores here as usual, well done.

Don't worry

E1 - 63%

P2 - 31%

I'm at least glad I've finished the Op level, can concentrate fully on P2 again for the re-sit in Feb.


Some good passes here, congratulations guys.

I got 55 in F2 and 61 in P2, glad to be in strategic level. Very excited actually. 


i got 64 on P2 and 54 on F2. I passed every exam first time bar E2, which I will now be doing my 3rd attempt. I hate that exam lol

P2 - Eeeuk!!

Second attempt fail! Expected though not a nice feeling when you see FAIL. Now focus on May sitting for both P2 & E2... Aluta continua, VIVA!

 Congrats to all who made it through...well done!!

Exam centers re-sitting

Petrina, can you advise pls: there are a few students wanting to resit P2 in Amsterdam.

what do we need to do to have a resitting location in Amsterdam??

Thank you!!! 

Hip Hip Hip.............. Hurrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaayyyy

passed E2 and F2 first time, already passed P2 in may sitting first time, while working full time and studying at home... I can't wait to see what the strategic level has in store for me........

A mighty THANK YOU to You all for all the support and documents we all shared with each other. It was really of great value to me. THANK YOU CIMA for cimasphere.  

Courage and NEVER GIVE up for all those who couldn't make it for one reason or another... just keep your focus on the big picture and keep the faith in yourself.








P2 got through with 50% after 4th attempt! Commiserations to those who were unsuccessful this time but don't give up



There is hope

F2 59%

E2 60%

P2 43%

I knew it was not going to be easy to do all 3 at a same time while there is work and family in the equation. Will try P2 again in May 2013. I hope we have a resit in our country/city.

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