Study advice needed for November exams

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I am a bit worried with regards to the November exam sittings as I am doing re-sits which have already cost me six months on where I thought I would be with the exams.

I am re-taking P2 and E1 after failing them with 48 and 38, respectively. I studied through Kaplan when I took these originally in May but it seemed that what was taught and what actually ended up on the exam paper where two different things.

The problem I have is that I am now self studying as my new employer does not provide financial support. I am also unable to pay for the classes myself.

The exams are in 56 days time and I haven’t really started yet as I can’t bring myself to open the textbook after being at work all day followed by a couple of hours at the gym most nights.

The good news is that I remember quite a bit of what I was taught so I am not starting from scratch.

My main problem is motivation now that I am not in a classroom. I have tried to use the SQ5R technique for getting through the chapters but again its motivation.

Facebook was a massive issue for me as it is quite addictive but I have managed to bring myself to close my account which limits my distractions.

Does anybody else find themselves in the same situation and if so, what are you doing about it?



I was similar to you. I found it very difficult to study at home. The only way I could get any revision done was to take a week off and drive into town and hide myself away in the local library or go to the college and use the study rooms, I would study for an hour and a half. Go for a coffee break then back to studying. After the first day I was into study mode and could focus well. Studying at home was too distracting and I'd end up watching any old rubbish on the TV. Good luck.


Having a study buddy is good too. Even though they might not live close to your house, you can still email, check which chapter they're at - this has motivated me a lot, once they've started falling behind, you've encourage them.

On the other hand, if anyone is struggling with syllabus here in discussions, if you try to help them, you make yourself look into the subject to find out if you would know how to answer the question.

Have a look what other people are struggling with, and see if you can do it. (Maybe try to help them too). I'm not doing neither P2 nor E1, but I'm sure you'll get the motivation needed.

Best of luck in November.

25 mins

Carl - apparently 25 minutes is the answer!

have a look a this -its an interesting concept.

i haven't tested it - but i like the idea :)




After failing P2 in May motivation is hard to find when you are nervous about the exam again.  May exam for P2 was a terrible exam because of emense time pressure especially Q7. 

It's great when you get a break to enjoy life again and and when exam time come around again it's hard to motivate yourself to study again, but at the end of the day you ahve to remember what goal you are aiming for and that is to be CIMA qualified. 

 I am a busy mum of two little boys and work full time and struggle to balance it all out but to get qualified is my goal and my motto is NEVER GIVE UP EVER :)))


Come on guys don't get deflated