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I have mistakenly entered twice for P2. I have already paid once for P2 and the other P2 is still outstanding in the statement. I have already emailed and tried calling but no response whatsoever. Will I have to pay twice for the same paper for sitting once? I wish to sit for only P2 this May. I could not complete the exam entry at one attempt, so I accessed using 'incomplete exam entry'. I have no idea how I entered twice. I am really horrified what is gonna happen. I would like to have comments from any of the experts or counselors or anybody who has dealt with similar situations.

Exam entry problem

Hi Mamunur

I will investigate for you and reply




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Exam Entry Problem

Hi Petrina Thank you for replying. I called CIMA Contact few minutes ago and talked to Junaid (not sure about spelling). He entered my account and told that he can just delete the excess exam entry. I asked whether I would be charged any cost for this. He replied that I wont be charged. I have checked my cima and it's gone. Would you please confirm me on the overall issue.

Cancellation of an exam entry for a subject

hi patrina,

i have booked exams for 4 sujects including P2, F2, E2, and E1 about 2 weeks back. it was yesterday that i got to know that i will not be  able to face the E1 paper as i have another exam related to my degree program. So, far i have not made any payment what so ever. please advice me on the issue.

my cima contact ID is 1-D5O6PF 

Exam entry

Hi Mamunur,

Once you are put through the contact centre they record all communication you have with that person. Since this was a duplicate problem with this system you will not be charged extra.

Ravindu, since you have not made any payment you may be able cancel. In normal situations CIMA does not accept cancellations or make refunds. I would urge you to call the contact centre to see if this can be done, phone: 44 (0)20 8849 2251



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