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I've graduated from uni 2yrs ago studying business and finance. I've then gone on and just recently completed a business consultancy graduate scheme at a large IT consultancy firm. I have been offered to do a CIMA by my company now as I have been informed it will help with consulting focusing on financial aspects.

In the near future I want to get more into strategy consulting, and hopefully do an MBA. Im just unsure if its worth me going down the CIMA path right now spending 2/3 yrs studying and undertaking more finance/accounting based roles to also achieve the exp required to be qualified when I could be gaining more consulting exp. I dont really enjoy accounting but with CIMA theres just more then just accounting after doing some research.

Could anyone pls help or advise..isit worth doing a CIMA? knowing that I want to do pursue an MBA in the future...

Any advice or thoughts would be much appreciated.


An MBA is so valuable today

that it might be a good idea to pursue the CIMA so you can eventually apply to study for your MBA. Have you thought about MBA entrepreneurship programs? There are a few throughout the country that offer amazing courses and truly aide in forming a very solid business background. This would also be great for you since you would already have such strong skills in accounting and finance. Good luck with your decision!

CIMA is great

CIMA is definitely a great certification that you help you go far in life as it is well recognized by Fortune 500 companies.

Kim Ceo Joon