F1 Results

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Here is a place for all students who sat F1 in November to talk about how they did once the results are released on Tuesday 15 January.

How did you do?

If you have not yet received your exam results please read this FAQ blog post about exam results before posting.


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E1 - 71%

F1 - 73%

P1 - 86%

Very happy with those, especially for saying how badly I thought the E1 paper had gone! 


I knew I had done enough to pass F1, but was unsure about E1. Not the highest marks in the world but am very happy with them!







E1 61%

P1 59%

F1 78%


So happy, I was really demotivated after the exams 

All passed ;)

E1 : 59 P1 : 68 F1 : 80   yeahhhhhhh!   Thanks all for your advices :) 


E1: 54

F1: 83

Time to celebrate!!

Passed : )

E1 = 52%

F1 = 81%

Thrilled with my marks and that I won't have to resit. E1 was tricky compared to previous exam papers. Will be celebrating before moving on to P1 & E2!


All Clear


P1: 57

F1: 69

 Hardwork paid off!!!!!

and Congratulations to ya all


Failed F1 with 47% how uncool is that! Ah well, this morning I was sure i was not gonna do Cima agin, but thanks to friends and my hubby who have been building me up, not to give up. Congrats to all who passed!


F1 87 % :)

Absolutely over the moon. Not studied for 5 years so was a bit of a shock to the sytem to get back into it whilst working.


F1 79%  .

Gobsmacked!  Wasn't even sure I had scraped a pass. Thanks to my lovely colleagues who encouraged me to start my studies.

F1 Pass !

 Dreaded opening that email but relieved to have Passed F1- really feel I have achieved something passing all Operational level.  Well done everyone! and don't give up if you haven't passed yet, it will be worth it when you do.  If it was too easy it wouldn't be worth having the qualification!



F1 57

i praise God for this


F1 Feb 13

when can we apply for feb f1 resits??


Injustice in F1 marking

Iam very much extremely shocked and in the state of depression to know that i fail in F1 at 40 % .


I was expecting 60 % as i have attempt all the questions with full working of problems and theory.I have attempt all the questions with full working in sec C question.. while as compared to E1 and P1 papers where i left 2 questions, i still passed E1 and P1 while i fail in F1..

Is that injustice with me or some problem during scanning of my answer iam confused whether to request admin review or not coz it's written in rules that there is no re-marking.or re-totalling of the questions or checking whether all of the questions are marked or not.

plx CIMA help me or advice me. 





I received the letter with my question breakdown yesterday. Very surprised to see 22 and 20 for question 3 and 4. Just shows that practice really pays off.