F1 Exam

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How did everyone do no their F1 Exam.. I failed with a mark of 42, first time doing the exam though, but felt prity confident that i knew the stuff, thought i got on well, and felt good coming out of the exam, i answered every single question and answered them all fully? so i havent a clue where i have went wrong, 

Goin to resit the F1 paper in May again,


Has anyone any tips on passing this exam next time round.. ? Section B seems to be the section that im lost all the marks on..


Also failed P1 with a mark of 48, you would think the examiner would have went back and looked for an extra two marks.. :( resitting this exam too many times, doing my head in, i havent a clue how im going to ever look at it all again.. :-(



Hi Melissa I actually passed F1 with 72. To be honest I was praying a consolidation came up on section C and there it was. That was a massive help to me.

I took P1 2 years ago and passed. So then I thought it would be a good idea to get P2 out of the way. Oh no, I have failed 4 times with marks in the 30's, so I decided to drop it and do F1 to get my confidence up. Good move really.

All I can say is try try try again because you WILL pass. Good luck!! 



Hi Melissa,

I surprised myself and scraped a pass with a mark spot on the 50!  Keep in there.

 Looking at the marks gained for each question I was disapointed that I hadn't done as well on Q1 and Q2 as I had thought, but I was lucky to make up the marks on Q3 better than I had anticipated.

 I know why my mark was low, it was because I hadn't put enough work in.  I did alot more work for my AAT but due to family commitments I rushed the study which was a bad mistake.  Could you try a different learning method/college as different people learn different ways.

I'm a learn by doing person and did have ago at the CIMA online learning but found it wasn't for me.  I then went back to Kaplan books which I used for the AAT.  I like the way the books are laid out and how much detail they go into.  What i'm trying to say is find a study method that works for you.  I studied distance learning for AAT but rarely used the tutor support except to complain it felt like so I am self studying CIMA now and it seems to work for me -when I put in enough work-  I don't personally like Kaplans tutor support but I do really like the text books and revision packs they do.  My boss had classroom tution when he studied CIMA many moons ago and he felt better with that.

 Good Luck with your resits :)




I failed F1 as well; got 46%.  I made a bit of a tactical decision to concentrate on E1 before the exam as i didin't want to fail both.  I stupidly ended up with 72% in E1, and would gladly have traded 15% in that exam for an extra 5% in F1.  This was my first time doing CIMA exams and I guess its a lesson learnt for me about exam managment.

Like you section B did me over - I got 9/30 (conversely on E1 i got 26/30 in this section)  I think sections A and B are key to passing this level. 

I really didnt feel very confident going into F1 as I just felt I needed longer to prepare and got a bit stressed out at the end.  Although 46% is a fail, its close enough to passing that I think I can do it next time.  Going to aim for the resit in Feb......