F1 study and exam

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Hi there,

I am studing F1 right now for exam in May. I use BPP study text, but there are so many calculations without explanations! And I am totally confused and feel I just don´t understand the material!

Does anybody feel the same, or it´s just me?

Please help



Don't worry

Hi Daria

 Don't worry, I feel exactly the same. I don't understand most of it, worrying me a bit to be honest.


Are you studying at home or at a college?




I am studying F1 and I too am finding it hard. I passed the certificate paper years ago and now the gap in studying is now costing me.

 Have you attempted the BPP exams yet? I tried but dont know where to start with the longer section C questions


Hi Gooner,

i've just finished the 2 practice BPP papers. OMG!!! With the group one in paper 2 i couldn't get it right at all so just going to send off what I have done to see if it is really right that you get all these marks for inserting some of the figures!

I've done the cashflow one so if you need help on that one give me a shout!

Hard...Impossible! :)

I plan to do the same as I dont know where to start in terms of goodwill, fair value etc! None of the materials I have (study text, revision book, or the taught class) go into the amount of depth required in the exam e.g. there is no mention of what to do that I can see regarding share premium - do I include it with retained earnings and share capital when working out goodwill?

 I have managed to do the cashflow question - god knows if it is correct. It took me a couple of hours to do it.

 Do you think that its way too soon for us to have to submit the exams?

 What courses are you doing? I am doing F1, P2 and E1 (retake)

F1 exam

Hi guys,

I am actually studying at home, so it´s even more complicated for me!

It is true, the book gives you the theory of the laws, but does not explain well how to use it in practice! And they may do allocation one way in one example, and differently in the next! And no explanations! Brrr!

It seems to me that when the syllabus was changed, the level was lifted up too high! They seem to expect much much more without enough material!

 I have exam of F1 in may, and now want to start another one for may exam - but maybe an easier one, than F1!

Kaplan Textbook much better!

Hi All,

 gooner - I have just bought the Kaplan textbook, far better than BPP in doing the calculations, it gives you a step by step approach. I plan on having a good look at this this weekend and hopefully master the consolidated SOFP. I used Kaplan for AAT and they are in my opinion really good for the calculation side.

 Good luch with sitting the 3 exams, I was planning on doing E1, F1 and P1 but now I am only doing E1 and F1.

News for me

Hi Lucy,

Thanks for your info! I didn´t know that the books could be so different! I thought they have to cover the same material in a similar way!

 In that case it might be worth buying Kaplan study book!

Good luck to you too!

Feel sick...

I am study F1 with BPP and currently attempting course test 1 which needs to be submitted in 4 days!  I have gone beyond the time limit by miles and I am struggling incredibly with the exam.  I can barely answer any of the longer questions!  I am close to mental breakdown as I have studied and studied but doesnt seem to make a bit of difference.

 The material provided in our course notes is not at the same degree of detail which the exam requires and I am sitting here looking blank and miserable!  Is anyone else feeling like this coz I am having a stomach churning moment that the real thing is near impossible to pass!!!!



Lucy, now you have the book would you recommend others getting it?

Simon, I know how you feel! Each course exam took me hours to complete. Even with the study text and BPP media I still struggled.

 My thoughts on the paper... I dont think it was taught in much detail at all and so the only way I think ill pass is to attempt question after question to pick it up over time. The prepration of financial statements follow rules so I guess I will need to learn them myself.

I even thought about having private tuition just to learn the basics so i could build on it later.


Kaplan Book

Hi All,

I've had the book a week and I strongly recommend it!! I have flown through the whole book in a week. You may need to top up the theory side with the BPP book but I have found the kaplan book well worth the money. I feel almost relieved as I knew I wasn't struggling with consolidation when doing aat with kaplan and thought that cima must have got really tough but in fact I believe it's the bpp book that made it hard!

From this book I know even feel that I could scrape a pass mark. It's just a case now of just going over and over everything to keep it fresh in my mind. 


New Book

Hi,  I ended up going with your advice and brought the F1 Kaplan book, it arrived today.  I plan to go over the key topics I recently struggled with (Cash flow and Consolidated accounts) and ill let you know how much helpful the book was compared to the other book I have.   

Exam Study Kit for F1

Hello  All

Unfortunately,  I have the CIMA F1 notes (horrid) and am thinking of getting the exam revision kit instead of buying more notes.

Which provider would  would you recommed  - BPP / Kaplan /CIMA  for the exam revision kit.

Also, do any of you have any suggestions in regards to F1   PASSCARDS.  Again Cima, BPP or Kaplan.

thanks in advance




I have only read one chapter of the new Kaplan book and I am very impressed. I felt I would never be able to learn F1 but this book has changed my opinion!!


I too am finding the BPP notes don't really teach you how to answer the exam questions. I'm really worried but I'm trying not to panic.

I would like to buy the Kaplan book but the Kaplan website doesn't seem to be working properly. Can anyone post the ISBN number of the book so that I buy the right one off Amazon?

Thank you.

ISBN code

HI Jane,

 I will also try to buy the book now. I found the code: ISBN 9781847108869. Hope it´s correct.

Let´s see if it´s worth it! Good luck!


What do you think?

Daria, Jane

 Have you purchased the book, if so I was just wondering what you think of it?

 I have been reading through it recently (Contracts, Leases, Cash flows and consolidated statements) and I am more confident than ever of learning F1.

 Let me know what you think...

Can´t find it!

HI Gooner,

 To be honest, I cannot find the book! It is not on Amazon - they just don´t sell it. And I´ve tried to buy it from Kaplan website, but have problems every time I do it. Now I am afraid to try again, just in case they will charge my card more than once!

I have sent an email to Kaplan Publishing, but no answer for a couple of days now. I am getting worried...

 I live in Spain and will have my exam in Gibraltar. So I need to get my book now, otherwise I will have to time to read it, as post gets here with 2 weeks delay!

Terrible! Don´t know what to do!






I got mine from amazon, I dont know if I am allowed to post the link but here it is...

Also, Kaplan sell it directly. They were out of stock but now its back in stock

Other places do sell it e.g. Waterstones using the ISBN 9781847108869



I've only just had the book delivered, it took 5 days from Amazon. It looks like the right book even though the ISPN is one digit different ending in a 5. It's the same as the Amazon link posted above by Gooner, although it seems to have dropped in price since I bought it last week! :-(

Any good Jane?

Thanks Gooner for the link as I too had trouble finding it


I literally just bought it!  I bought it for just under £30.  Jane how does the book look to you at first glance?  any help?  I am hoping the answer is yes as I am struggling immensely with F1!

Me too!

Hi guys,

I did by it in the end - from the amazon link of Gooner also! So thanks a lot! It is shipped today, so should arrive to me next week! It was under 30 pounds too.

Hopefully, it will be the solution to our problems!

Can´t wait to see it - doing nothing at the moment and feel like waisting tiime. But don´t want to start any excercises before understand everything at least a little bit!


Wow! Just amazing!

I want to give whoever recommended this book a big sloppy kiss and the author of the book a bit pat on the back! - this book is like the holy grail in passing F1.

 Its sooooo much more dumbed down compared to the BPP study text and waaay easier to understand.  Its so concise and doesnt bogg you down with extra info like the BPP study text does.

 I say to BPP - save all that extra info WHEN WE QUALIFY!  :D

Wow! Just amazing!

I'm glad I posted on here about the kaplan book if it helps others. I cannot get over the difference in the bpp book and the kaplan book, had mine a couple of weeks now and I just about feel ready to sit the exam!

The TYU's in the kaplan book are great. I've also bought the bpp revision book (which I purchased before buying the kaplan study text) which to be honest I'm a bit dissapointed in as all it contains is past paper exam questions. I printed off all the old P7 papers going back to 2006 and it seems that the BPP book just contains all of these questions (apart from the one's not relevant to this syllabus anymore). They could have at least altered them slightly!!


Hi There,


Just wanted to mention that I am using the book published by Cima for F1, and I am finding it extremely helpful. As this is a retake for me, and i am also doing it on a self study basis, I was scared of the new syllabus changes.

With the Cima book, I can see a big difference to the Bpp book I used previously. The consolidated statements are part of the new syllabus, and are lot more easier to unerstand and follow step by step for the consolidation process.

Thought I would let you know, in case anyone is interested.

Good luck all.


Kaplan for P1 and F1?

Hi there,

Seeing how good the F1 Kaplan study text is - does anyone know what the Kaplan P1 and E1 books are like?  If they are anywhere near as good as the F1 I will consider purchasing those also.  Has anyone used them? if so how do they compare to BPP?

Kaplan Study text and revision kit over BPP?

Hi all,

 I have bought the revision kit, pass cards and study text for F1 from BPP. I also have the lecture notes for the old p7 which are very similar. But from reading the above it appears the Kaplan study text is better for explanation than BPP? Is the Kaplan revision kit also better than the BPP as i may buy both! I have only started really looking at Tax and Ethics / audit / reporting so far and plan to hit the statements in the next few days, so wanted some guidance from those who have been or are there right now?

 Or can one muddle through the statements with the BPP text...anyone?

Will the BPP revision kit be enough to give me adequate revision / question practice for the exam?


Hi Captain Strange

 I have all the BPP books (Study Text, Revision Kit, Class Notes etc) similar to yourself.

I attempted to complete the 2 BPP course exams and I found that the materials simply didnt go into the detail I needed.

 The Kaplan book on the other hand helped - I actually feel that with a bit of revision using the study text ill be fine come the exam.

I have not used the Kaplan revision kit so if you do purchase it please let us know what its like

Kaplan Study


 I take the Kaplan study text is then the text to have if i want to pass and fully understand all aspects of the financial statements part of this exam...if you can confirm then i will order that text.

 I'll prob stick to the BPP revision kit for the meantime, get to grips with all the material within the next 2-3 weeks...

 How far along are you with your study?


I attended a taught course a while back but not a lot went in. I need to go over each subject a couple of times before it sinks in fully.  

At the moment I ham going through the text book a chapter at a time and taking notes to help come the revision phase. I still have loads to do as I have F1 and P2 to do it for. 

 How about you/everyone else?

Tax & Reporting Stds + Ethics

Well im going to go through all of tax and all of the ethics, reporting standards, element of a statement etc...with this covered i will know 40% of the syllabus. I will then attack the statement portion by end of this week...then keep going through it for a good few weeks so my mid apr know everything and then carry on with questions...thats the plan