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I sat and passed the final paper of the CBA yesterday and now need to think about the 'Operational stage' 


I know that exam sittings are in March and November, but can I register to sit one of the papers in March 2012 and the remaining papers in November 2012 ? 

obviously my results havent registered on the website yet so when can I start the process for sitting Operational exams ?


Hi Paul

 Exam sittings are in May and November, if you fail at these sittings you should normally be able to retake the exams again in the March and September reists.

If you want to take an exam in May, the tuition courses normally start in February with exam entry opening up soon after that. 



Next steps

Hi Paul

Congratulations on completing your Certificate in Business Accounting!

The next Operational exams are in November (exam entry has now closed) so the next exams you will be able to sit will be in May 2012. You do not have to sit all of the operational papers at one sitting so you could sit one in May and the others at a later sitting.

You might find it useful to visit this page for more information on exam entry:

Best wishes

Julia Harrison

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How long it took


How long it took to complete CBA? thanks

Certificate guidance

Hi there

You can complete the Certificate level at your own pace - have a look at this article published in the April 2011 issue of Velocity for  guidance on starting to study the certificate level including suggestions on how long you should aim to complete it in, study times and advice on which order to complete the subjects. 

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