Nov 2011 Suggested answers

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Hi, does anyone know when the suggested answers are due to be published? I wasnt going to look but the suspense is killing me!!


I have been waiting for the same. It supposed to be posted at this time as last time it was published after a week of exam completion. May be thsi week it will be done.

Some are posted E1/2 and P3


Ive just noticed that answers are posted to some papers - Good luck.



Yeah it looks like P3 is on, E1 & E2.


Hey Chris!

Answeres are uploaded for E1, E2 and P3 

E1 -Oh gosh I have mucked it up!

I thought E1 was the easiest of all. But found out that I have not answered some of the questions correctly.

Cant wait till the result release.



I only took E1 this time having passed P1 & F1 in May, really wasnt sure how I had done now looking at the answers really feel I messed up, I'm hoping perhaps there maybe more marks available on the markers answer sheets, otherwise I better start revising for the retakes!!

Exam Answers

I don't understand how any of you can bear to look at the answers. I refuse to look at them until the results are released as I fear if I did it now I'll get depressed about them thinking I may have failed.

Jeez I hope I've passed E1 as I was so nervous about that one but feel it was ok