P1 Breakdown

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I was just wondering what the breakdown of everyone's P1 was?

Mine was:

Section A            - 13/20
Section B            - 23/30
Section C (Q3)    - 6/25
Section D (Q4)    - 0/25 (ran out of time so didn't answer this one)

Obviously I proper messed up on section c, unfortunately variances is a MASSIVE weak point of mine & question 4 completely threw me with the 'annualised equivalent' bit!! :-S I guess that's what they wanted you to do with Q4 & I kinda had a panic, oh well!!

Would be great to hear from you guys, especially those of you that only just missed out on a pass.

MAK :o)

E1 Breakdown

When did you get your results letter? I'm in the UK and still waiting for mine - the suspense is killing me! I only took E1 and passed it but I'm still interested in the question breakdown...

Breakdown by post

I got mine on Friday 13th Jan.


i called today as I havent received mine either (in the UK) was told they went out late so we should get them this week