P1 Resit Tues 28th Feb 2012

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I have spoken to BPP about the cost of resiting P1 on 28/02/12 (exam only) & have been advised it will cost £133 to CIMA (paid on account) & £50 admin fee to BPP: so a total of £183 just to sit this exam. (wow, what a rob).

Was just wondering if this was the going rate with tuition providers or is it cheaper anywhere else?

Also does anyone know if any tuition providers do resits in Sheffield (UK)?

Also what time is the P1 exam? Is it same as usual (reading time starts at 9:10am)?

Your response would be much appreciated.


Resit @ BPP


Exam only

Hi Scott,

I think you might have misunderstood, I don't want to do any kind of revsion course, I just want to sit the resit exam on 28/02/12 but you have to go through a tuition provider in order to do so (as per CIMA).
As I understand it you HAVE to pay the £133 to CIMA & then an additional payment to the tuition provider (in this case BPP charge £50) for you to sit the exam. Combining both payments for just one exam is quite an extravagent cost as is double :-( Was just wondering if there was anyway it is cheaper was all??

Thanks :o)