Past paper downloads

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Please advise me what to do, will be grateful.

I cant manage to download past papers from the cima website.

OR Anyone out there who can forward me pastpapers for P1 from Nov 09 to May 11. I will appreciate if you would forward me the questions and examiner's answers. Thank you in advance.

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Available from My CIMA


Hi Aubrey

The past papers and answers are available from the link below.

Please note that you need to be logged into MyCIMA in order to see them as this is a secure area of the site.

Best wishes

Julia Harrison
CIMAsphere moderator

Certificate Level


Where can I find certificate level pastpapers? 


Certificate past papers

HI Lorna

As the Certificate level is examined by a computer based assessment system there are no past papers.

CIMA’s online study resource has sample computer based assessments for you to assess your progress – find out more by visiting

Best wishes

Julia Harrison

CIMAsphere moderator

Past Papers

where can I get the answers for past papers which are not available in cimaglobal website ??