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Dear all,

I am taking my first cima exam, F1 in november this year. I attended the BPP lectures in march this year but chickened out of the exam in May. Attempting it in November as I reckon its now or never. Very nervous as you would expect.

Could you please suggest where I should practice questions from apart from the study text? Also, where can I access past exam papers and whether its free.

I have just got about three weeks to practice and I don't have a clue where to start. Any help would be gratefully received.

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Question practice

As you attended BPP you will have the BPP course notes and study text. The course notes have course exams 1 and 2 along with a question and answer section at the back, and the study text has two question sections too.

If you've already done all these then the best thing to do is buy the BPP P&R kit. It's a whole book of exam standard questions and is really good. I think it also has two whole exam papers too so that you can sit a mock exam yourself. Do this quick though as there will be time taken for delivery. I'm currently doing the BPP revision courses so I have just been given my P&R kits and I'll be using these for the last three weeks.

If you're looking for free option then you can print the past exam papers off the CIMA website. Log into MyCIMA and you can find the F1 new syllabus Pilot paper, May 10 and Sept 10 papers. You could also print off the old syllabus past papers (P7) but bear in mind there may be some differences, like they won't test you on groups as it wasn't in the old F1 syllabus but I don't think there are too many differences. You can also read the examiners guidance when marking yourself.

Good luck

Thank you

Thank you very much for replying. cheers